• Crying Sorority Girls Needs Some STHU

    February 12, 2011 10:42 am 32 comments

    Today’s annoying, spoiled college chick is brought to you by the letters B-E-E-R and crack.   Ask a prowling black and it is purportedly one hell of a drug for the degenerate.

    The backstory to this one is pretty simple. A girl who seems to be pretty drunk is sobbing in a car, and her friend –the DD– responsibly grabs a video camera to catch the drunken whinging on tape so we can all share a laugh and proverb at the drunkee’s expense.

    From what I can make of the video, drunk sorority girl is sad because guys hate her (I wonder why) and she is sorry about setting off a fire alarm. In typical fashion, she is in an inebriated state, eschewing study for late nights of tearful drama and male entrapment.

    “I just wanted to make it snow!” Wow.


    This video is a classic example of a new revelation:  girls go to college to join sororities, get drunk and then entrap men in tangled webs of drunken orgies, only ended by emotional releases of estrogen affiliated pregnancy. How many examples are needed to outline the obvious:  girls are using their parents hard-earned money to live brothel worthy lifestyles on the breeding grounds of America’s future.

    For the upcoming academic school year, the gulf between female and male matriculation continues to dangerously part.  64% of all people in college will be women, while only 36% will be male.  It is terrible and until we put down things like affirmative action and start holding females accountable for male exploitation, and making sure our sons know they are being victimized by a feminist friendly culture that institutionalizes the false reality that men cannot be exploited, we will see the rates of men in college drop.

    People wonder why the US economy is weak.  It is because good, sharp men from America’s moral  heartlands — the strongholds of decency and masculine pride — are falling into the shameful life of underaged fatherhood.

    Look at Alaska.  Levi Johnston fell into the frigid waters of Bristol Palin, who bore unto him a sinchild.  This was only months before Levi was to enroll and go off to school.  Bristol tricked Levi into putting off school and focusing on family, evening becoming engaged to him,  only to leave him behind for the sunny state of Arizona and the battle hymn of adulteries.

    Now we see the boy has become confused, stripping his clothes off for throngs of screaming whoredemons who drag him closer and closer to Satan’s kingdom, a land where not even Titanic’s iceberg can last a moment.

    It is a fate played out for young men nationwide, the burning scent of failure and  financial turmoil as they work at burger joints and chip and thrust bars to the cheers of cheating women who entrap, get alimony and child support, to only run off to use affirmative action to get into schools where they rinse, lather and repeat.   They go on to get degrees, while the fallen men are left behind in a pit of depression and disease.

    Let’s stop the cycle, before women take the helm of society.  Ask any married man, a woman at the helm of any vehicle or ship will ultimately lead to a lost path of misery, from which there is no return.

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