• Do Batman Comics Encourage Girls to Take Naughty Underwear Pictures?

    February 22, 2011 10:56 am 19 comments

    Are comics a danger to our children?

    A cursory look through the annals of history indicate the clear answer is yes.  If watching an old 1950s era television or sitcom, it would not be uncommon to find the values and moral espousing parents of that era, at least on television, unabashedly confronted their children over the dangerous issue of hidden comics.

    Children were wise to the game, knowing to only pull them out after-school, by the bleachers, or underneath covers during the secret twilight hours at home, when everyone else is asleep.

    While many today may laugh and say comics are not a danger, let us not forget that in 1954 society had to invoke the Comics Code Authority.  This regulatory body was created due to comics encouraging dangerous habits such as smoking, drinking, gay tendency and violence to children.

    With the morality of society waning, under the rule of a Muslim sympathizer and Democrat liberals who have allowed dangerous perversions and teaching to fill every media available to our children, we find that comics still hold a very dangerous bearing upon society.

    If that is not bad enough, children and young-adults are using comics as a means to exude impiety.  Batman, the comic of a middle-aged man who takes an orphan into his home and forces him to play knife games with criminals, all while toned legs bulge under a female’s stockings, is one of the biggest culprits.

    While Batman has long concerned parents and politicians alike due to its high levels of violence and homosexual innuendo, this comic has also taken a life of its own in the ‘comic-sex’ movement.

    This movement is a new trend being tracked, nationwide.  There is a clothing store that is prevalent in many US malls and the name of this store is Hot Topic.  This store is a holding house for the dark eye makeup, clothing with metal spikes, fake vampyre teeth and perverted shirts, skirts and clothing being worn by today’s teenaged to early twenty-year-old cohort.

    The game involves cellular phones and the new dangerous trend of ‘sexting’.  Girls take raunchy pictures of themselves with a ‘comic’s’ logo, sporadically, and within 24 hours all of their friends must meet the challenge with attire of the same comic and a raunchier pose.

    These pictures then make their way across schools and social networks such as Facebook. It is a hidden nightmare that many parents do not know about.

    In the gallery we have archived evidence of this trend.

    - Editor’s Note:  The images in the following photographic gallery are not appropriate for all genders or audiences.  Viewer discretion is advised.

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