• Evil Chinese Internet Jasmine Revolution

    February 22, 2011 10:19 am 24 comments
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  • Yesterday, American freedom, journalism and the first amendment was assaulted. Evil hordes of Chinese “coders” unleashed a furious typhoon of electronic pathogens across America’s most trusted and respected news organizations. Fox, ChristWire, Wilkow, Hannity. You know the names and you know the faces and apparently so did the Chinese.

    Reports indicate that a group of Christians in China managed to build a website that allowed American news to circulate within China’s closed internet system. Our friend and colleague Hwong Sing was part of that group and has been missing since the electronic terror attacks placed upon this website yesterday.

    Matt Drudge reported to us via HolyMailbox, that the Chinese high command has abducted several top activists as well as Christian leaders. We fear our friend Sing may be a part of this number.

    After finding out about the abductions and the blocking of Hotbot or Lycos or whatever third world searches they use in China, the people took to fury! They enjoy hearing about the true news and points of views from true Americans like ourselves, but their government is stealing their Constitutional right to hear our free press words to deliver them from their fake religions, hate for proper capitalism and alliance with God’s Moral Republic.

    Chinese warlard Hu Jintao has called out his black death army, the dreaded Samurai SS of new. These are the same monsters who own the deathvans of Shanghai abduction we warned everyone about only months ago. Now they are back, abducting citizens who want freedom and then cutting them all open, selling their organs next to fava beans at the Chinese black markets.

    Let us all fall upon knees and pray great horror falls upon China. This is war.

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