• Facebook Is Helping The Mubarack Terrorists

    February 4, 2011 3:12 pm 15 comments
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  • I wish this was the Middle Ages, because I would gladly hop upon my knightly steed and lead the armies of morality on a ravenous path of destruction to kill the vermin Muslims of the sand caves!

    I hate terrorists. You know that down in your heart, you hate them too. How sad that there are people on this Earth who vow bloodoaths against the innocent. How sad that there are people who hate freedom so much, they would hijack a plane and bring unfair horrors upon those who only have love.

    We saw it from the kamikaze Japanese. We fixed them with a nuke. We saw it from Hitler’s little angry Japanese hornets. We could only fix their anger and retardation with the elements of nuclear medicine.

    Now, we see Egypt seethes with hate. They threaten to behead our journalists. Over 1400 Americans are still trapped there. The only way to fix Egypt is one: nuclear medicine.

    Ask any doctor, nuclear physics is a necessity and we know it works with the hordes of horror.

    But even at that, the terrorists are complex. They are crafty and web savvy. Today, we find a new danger for all. Parents, be alarmed! Government, be alarmed!

    Egypt is using Facebook to spread their chaos to the world. How can America bring freedom to two many nations at once. Yemen and Jordan are already showing signs of needing our governance: we still have to get Obama out of office so we can fully free Iraq and Afghanistan.

    It is snowballing and Facebook is to blame. Look at this nonsense:

    Oh, so it is okay to fly planes into our country and then use your technology against us. Hey, Zuckerberg! That is a Jewish name and did you know Egypt tried to wipe out Israel many times! They did it in the ancient days, they tried to kill Moses, they aligned with the Iranians and then now, they are going to mess up their government, deny America and then become a terror bed of hate and destruction! Muslim Armageddon!

    We must protect Earth from their third world revolutions. As we see in Africa, these people do not know how to be free. They get evil dictators and the worse thing is, unlike Africans these Moors breeds are crafty. They were a thorn in the side to Christian Europe for ages and even brought the Dark Ages upon humanity, breeding vampire cults to destabilize Christianity and even creating the Bubonic plague.

    Muslims are evil. Evil. They are not of God and will try to convince you otherwise. We must nuke Egypt if necessary, to bring a brighter future for everyone.

    These beasts are now on Facebook. They are trying to Homegrown Terror your sons and daughters. They are stealing our technology and want to destroy Israel. It is the land of curses and mummies, so let us place the entire land in history books as a giant sand tomb to what will happen if you step out of line with America.

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