• Gadafi Is Not Shot, It is Just A Lieberal Media Rumor

    February 25, 2011 5:34 am 31 comments
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    Dear friends, as I woke up today to get an early started on my Thank Goodness it is Friday show, I saw horror terrorist at the gas pump.  Prices said $3.97!  $3.97 per gallon and it is sick.  I remember when President Bush was in office it all cost not even a dollar 2.80 and Obama is a sick man!

    But I digress.  There is a big issue here and it is Gaddafi.  He is not shot.  It is a liberal lie!

    I want to clear this up because it is not good to lie.  God warns that in the Bible, liars will burn with gays and murderes so you know it just gets under his pure white skin.

    Now listen, it is early but I need to clear this up.  Kadfagi is not dead.  Him is alive and you oil barrens, stop being scared little liberal sally whips and raising the oil prices because you are scared about oil futures.

    Today to I cheered with delight and jumped up and down when I heard that mean people killing Gadafi had been shot straight to hell but now we see what happens if he gets shot.  Our prices of oil goes up.

    Gadafi is still alive and well and is fighting.  If it means our oil prices stay lower, I say we defend Gadafi and keep him alive!  Let us put down the rebellion.  Sorry Libya, but I need to not pay $3.97 at the pump.   If it means you have to put up with the G man a bit longer, so be it.  My wallet is affected so your little flag burning teenage rebellion will have to wait to a better time.

    Gaddafi is not okay.  Be confident, investors.  We need lower gas prices.

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