• Gaddhafi Shot in Libyan Civil War, What does this Mean for US Oil Futures?

    February 24, 2011 5:21 pm 92 comments
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  • Latest reports indicate Libyan dictator Gaddhafi may have just been shot in Libya’s Civil War and the greatest concern is what does this development mean for US oil futures?

    With Libya being torn apart by Civil War and death, America suffered an even greater tragedy as gas prices skyrocketed.

    Oil trading was feared to reach well over $100 a barrel before tomorrow, with some US cities already reporting over $4.00 prices at the pump.  There was nothing sour or sweet about this oil news for Americans, as the unrest of the Middle east’s for long overdue clamoring for American rule and democratic leadership is untimely as its stretching our wallets post holiday-season crunch.

    To quell the unrest, we must send over troops to bring tranquility.  The wild Gaddhafi vowed to burn oil fields and called for his fellow third-world Islamic dictators to destroy America’s lifeblood. This evil and crass hatred for oil show exactly why men like Gaddhafi and Mubarak are being exiled and making way for good, Christian leaders to show the Arab world a new way of thinking and a better way of life.

    Most recently, L Paul Bremer was able to save Iraq from a savage hatred of America and our oil that courses beneath their bordered territory.   Through sterling leadership and Christian morality, Bremer was able to show the Iraqi people how to properly use government money to fund capitalistic endeavors in enterprise and proliferation of infrastructure to support expansive policy.

    Such uses of oil sharply contrasted with Saddam’s waste of oil capital; lavish, golden palaces, harems of bejeweled jezebels whispering in the nights and diamond encrusted ornaments, all while the people of Iraq suffered the torment of Sandy Arabian desert sun without running water or electricty.

    Under Bremer’s rule of the Iraqi people, the water flowed as freely as the oil.  Enterprise was Iraq’s new neighbor.  The world profited from all of the good will being instilled into the very heart of Iraq itself and this is what we can take from Gaddhafi’s fall in Egypt.

    President George W. Bush showed his true connection with God when he said the people of the mideast would call for their Savior.  The Savior walks hand and hand with morality.  That Savior is within you and me, it is one with the American spirit.

    Liberals may balk at this and cry foul, stating that there is no peace to be found in morality.  They will lie and say we only care about Iraq, Libya and Egypt because they have oil there.  These are lies; not only do these countries not necessarily have oil supplies the Sauds cannot just fill in for, but there is something else.

    When liberals ran at you clamoring about such things, with their little hybrid Prius’ and nonsense talk about global warming, accusing us of  having an agenda in these little sandpit nations, you tell them one truth:

    Anything that is anti-oil is anti-America and anti-God. It is anti-Christ.

    They will cry and fold, just like our little B-movie list dictators who thought they had an eternal hold over our dear friends in the Middle East.  Democracy and freedom is a beautiful thing and no one wants to see high gas prices.  Let us continue to pray for our new-age compatriots who rally for freedom in these terror nations.  Let us pray that their burning effigies and calls for free will, just as the Bible grants them and our Constitution guarantees them, meets with success.

    The day will come when they to will join us in the tables of capitalism and commerce.  They will one day feast at the tables of McDonald’s and the banquet halls of Christian heritage for their people.  It will be glorious and we will welcome our dear friends with open arms and freely trading economies, with a great margin of basement level index prices for our oil futures capitulating into increased oil revenue for our importing crude industry.  Amen, it is beautiful.

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