• God Tosses Mubarak Into a Coma

    February 15, 2011 5:14 am 10 comments
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  • The mean Pharoah of Foolishness has fallen and the Egyptian people are now free from a dictator. Now with Mubarak out of the mix, we can next cripple the Egyptian army with a mighty explosion that ushers in a new era of peace.

    It is said that change is swift and just, so what fate could be a better change for Egypt than having them denounce their Pagan Islamic religion of terror altogether.

    How silly is it that they bow before the throne of Ra and fear the imaginery growls of Anubis? Is decadence of their women so prevalent because they think they have to be Jezebels like Isis of the Nile? These qeustions are something that belong in a history book, reviewing an ancient people such as the wasp-waisted Minoans or worse the click-tongue Nigerian ancestors. If their decendants are still so primitive, just imageine, how backward they must have been?

    We see Egypt nearly tore itself apart in the protests. They had not guns, so they used their innate bloodlust to break through solid concrete with their fists and then use these chunks to commit violence.

    America needs to teach the children of pyramids to be admirers of the Pentagon. It is time for our friends in Egypt to fully embrace American democracy and a Christian Brotherhood, one where sharing is caring and neighbors are encoruaged to tell their friends, to share their nice oil more freely lest the wrath of God scourges their lands with nuclear heats.


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