• Has Science Gone Too Far with the “Skin Gun”? : Is Aborted Fetus Stem Cell Juice Next?

    February 4, 2011 1:00 pm 15 comments
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    Recent news of a “Skin Gun” burn treatment, reported on You Tube by the liberally funded National Geographic, has Christians in the United States wondering if scientists have gone too far in their actions to rationalize the use of stem cells, which are dependent on free sale abortion.

    The propaganda machine is ratcheted to full power for the next wave of coercion aimed at winning the hearts and minds of an unsuspecting American Christian public to accept the inclusion of free abortions in ObamaCare. The highly produced and elegantly photographed video is the possible first step in gaining American’s acceptance of the full scale, puppy-milling of abortions.

    Evidence of this wave of propaganda exploded onto the internet earlier this week. While initial reports allegedly use stem cells from the patient, one must armor themselves with knowledge and understanding that the skin gun represents the beginning of a potentially diabolical advancement in wound care today and other ills such as diabetes or Parkinson’s tomorrow.


    The scientific rigor of the study should be questioned. The treatment has been used successfully on only 12 patients. Once this method is more widely used, the leap to aborted fetus stem cells is a very small step indeed. It is odd that the film does not show a validated before and after, only a “representation” of the burns. We also need to question the circumstances when the patient’s own cell could not be used in these treatments. Initial acceptance based on only a film is dubious at best.

    The widespread promulgation of this wondrous scientific discovery is made after the repeal of ObamaCare failed in the US Senate is ominous. Further proof of propaganda being specifically directed at American citizens is the fact Canadians are banned from viewing, although mirror sites have already been established.

    While initially perceived by many conservatives as another American success story for the best medical system in the world, one without ObamaCare, Christians should be vigilant to the Liberal duplicity that exists in these far reaching campaigns against our Christian Nation and values. We need to scrutinize these discoveries within the context of how they will be used to enslave our Christian Nation. If we accept stem cell discoveries today, we must not obligate ourselves to accept abortion tomorrow for further research.


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