• Homosexual Perversion, Is It Normal?

    February 7, 2011 3:52 am 82 comments

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    Let alone that their helter-skelter lifestyles are responsible for AIDS, chlamydia and sex gangs that are abducting our children, but what is normal about a gay fantasizing about a beluga whale’s gaping blow hole?

    What do you think these anal pioneers of the queer frontier think about all day in their little secretary or nursing jobs?  How to stop world hunger or efficiently rule Egypt?  No!  This little snowblowing drug fiends are making whoopy with monkies and dog paddling the mighty tigers of nature.  It is all sick and disgusting.  It is not normal.

    Gays want us to believe that their marriage to one another is very normal.  They want America to accept the idea that they can be trusted to adopt children and change their diapers, without an illegal petting during the wipe down section.  If gays had it their way, every child would need their underoos changed until they reached their 20s!

    A man who fishes for fecal matter in the backdoor pond of another man cannot be trusted.  It is just like finding a boy with two names:  Ron Paul.  Jessie Jackon.  Oh look, Jessie Jackson has founded a group called the “Rainbow Coalition.”  Well just colored me surprised!

    I am sick and tired of these bigoted gays, trying to insert their daggers into our lives and make us bleed morality, while they lap it up and lure our kids with the false scent of freedom.

    Gays are pied pipers.  They will flute and skip all around, making kids think they are happiness sunshine and milkdrop easter bunnies of Easter cuteness.  When instead, they are all snarling dragons, hoping to roast the rump of our kids with their seared breath, and then, greedily chew them up while they are still “hot”.

    Never forget parents.  Gays will lick anything and thrust their lifemaker in whatever has a hole.  They are just as nastier than hornery Satan, sitting in hell by himself and fangling his foo fighter in the throes of ecstasy at the pornograph of Modern America.

    When will you learn, parents, that Satan’s favorite butter cookie is having your child knocked out with sleeping gas and lathered with the sauces of spent homosexuality.  He is arming these gays with crafty ideas to get their agenda into law.  They are bull rogering animals and getting them relaxed with quaalades, then taking all these sick pictures .  Next, will be our children.

    And guess what.  Obama will sign it all into law.

    Somewhere out there, a cackling gay stool pigeon or even worse a mewing lesbian will caw and hiss in contempt, angrily kneading away at their keyboards and trying to claim they are normal.  If they were normal, then why do they do things like this:


    Children’s thoughts plied with homosexual satan nectar in cartoons. The once proud cadence of the marine now the foxtrot of ferret stuffing rectal plumbers.  Gays have their augers of steel, ready to shove them every which way and it matters not the time, place or person or species!  As long as it has a hole, the gay perversion will be filled.

    This is an expose on what gays want for America, spoken in over 10,000 words with ten pictures.  TV is corrupt and gays are the new blacks, passing themselves off as funny and a household name with their sitcom antics.

    In the end, they are all scary and you will not want to run into one in a dark alley.  The result will be waking up sore and confused, your money gone and body filled with the genetic hotsauce of tribal domination.  Feral gays, fear them.  None of them are right in the head and will never assimilate to the will of nature, for a man to marry a woman and then raise a child in a stable, normal household who bows prostrate before God.

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