• Is AOLHuffington Part of New Obama Takeover Media, Currentv

    February 8, 2011 6:34 pm 10 comments
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  • While the nation slept last night, President Barack Hussein OGoebbels revealed his latest piston of the 2-bit liberal propaganda engine.

    In a blatant slap in the face to unbiased media, AOL today announced the creation of AOLHuffington, a merger between AOL’s news services and liberal muckrag Huffington Post. Business Insider reports a boyout of $315 million.

    After announcing the merger,AOL issued a proclamation that the news station will be the world’s Voice of Liberal Media.

    DC insiders are receiving word of an “Obama Takeover Media”, a potential new scheme by the Democratic party to ensure Obama’s continued reign in 2012. Numerous sources corroborate the startling concern, revealing there is an organized conspiracy by the Obama administration to usurp popular modern media outlets, buying out their corporate heads if they do not fall in line with Obama’s abortionist, Trotsky laden Isamo apologetics policy of unprecedented socialist and Sharia blends.

    It is a bean that’s tough to find and even tougher to swallow, but within Obama’s new political move for power via propaganda we find a strong brew of deception. At the head of the AOLHuffington empire will be Obama’s new spinning mistress, the dangerous Arianna Huffington, a woman known to cut with the ferocity of a steel-tempered English broadsword of Excalibur quality, but all in the hands of a wild barbarian without logic or reason.

    We can now chalk MSNBC, AOL, and National Public Radio as being field agents for Obama. Nothing these stations say or do can be trusted. They do not double-check their sources. They do not represent unbiased media. They have no loyalty to America.

    Obama has gained a new Orwellian superpower. As we argue over Obamacare and the fall of the US Dollar, Obama gained the right to appear on any screen whenever he wishes.

    Obama now has the right to seize the internet, cellular phone communications, radio broadcasts and television broadcasts. Through a Clinton-era loophole that has given Obama direct control of the FCC, the Obama administration has started to put control boxes on the radio towers that control wireless internet, radio stations and television stations.

    In late 2011, Obama will launch space missions where US astronauts under his command will place these boxes on satellites as well. In the Presidential Emergency Warning Act, Obama has the right to declare “any event a state of national emergency”. You could be talking to your friend on your iPhone, when suddenly your friend’s voice will cut out and then Obama’s voice will ring in your ear.

    “Fellow American, this is me, President Barack Hussein Obama. I have issued a state of emergency and you must return to your home, immediately. Violators of this edict will be dealt with by the military, under my command.”

    It may sound like the worst of 1984, but the day after the Super Bowl and Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday,we find the ultimate betrayal to America.

    Even the most lewd of left-wingers realize the problem with the Neoleft conspiracy. Fading is the agenda to make America pro-abortion and pro-gays; coming to the forefront is a powerplay to destroy Democracy itself. It is a battle of old: Christianity versus Islam.

    The Moors have a leader in Obama, a dark knight who is buying up media loyalty where he can and using Western technology to ensure all who do not play buy his rules can be shut down, with this push of a button.

    Iranian bloggers and loyalists will lie, saying it is not true. To them, look upon the old guardians of immorality and see they are even calling you out on your Arabian lies. America will not go down without a fight and for your information, we will be voting Obama out in 2012 and then coming for you sand dragons under the leadership of a true Christian who should be named George, and we will sear you with the fires of countless prayers and nukes, a heat that not even the great Dragon Lord Lucifer of Islam could stand against.


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