• Is ‘Captain America’ Star Chris Evans A Communist?

    February 24, 2011 11:27 pm 10 comments

    Captain 'Candy Nipples" America

    Like many other Patriotic Americans,  I was excited to see a Captain America movie in the works and interested to see if the producers had the good sense to incorporate Ronald Reagan into the mix.   I thought it would be an excellent way to showcase the Conservative Christian ideals we enjoy in this country.   What better way to back down Kim Jong Il then to give him a little taste of America’s greatest caped crusader?

    Too bad Hollywood is filled with liberals,  hippies,  granolas, and communists,  as evidenced by the actor chosen to play the great Steve Rogers.

    Chris Evans.   I’m sure the name doesn’t ring a bell,  he is a relative unknown.   He is more of a teen movie type actor as opposed to doing anything really legitimate.   A closer look,  however,  reveals his character is not so innocent.

    First of all his uncle is a congressman named Michael Capuano.   A pro Obama/pro abortion liberal,  he has repeatedly advocated killing babies,  and even making it legal to drive kids to get abortions.   He strictly follows the liberal communist agenda when voting and is even proud of it.   But how much of him has brushed off on his semi famous nephew?

    It appears at least some of it came off on Chris’s brother,  who is a gay.   Instead of doing the right thing and condemning the lot to hell,  Chris has chosen to actually support his communist uncle and godless brother.   Totally un-Captain America-like behavior.   But can we call him a communist purely by association?

    We can when other facts come to light.   He is a former vegetarian,  which implies hippy,  which implies communist.   He is of Irish heritage so it can be assumed he has an alcohol problem,  which is a trait he shares with many communist Russians.   Being a supposed  ‘devote Catholic’  means he believes he can sin and suffer no consequences,  just like Stalin did.   Being from Boston he is a Celtics fan,  whom no doubt Pol Pot would have supported had he been a fan of the NBA.   In fact,  Chris is listed on some fan sites as having a  ‘far left’  standing when it comes to politics.

    Make up your own mind about this guy,  but to this reporter,  having him represent our country on screen is akin to planting a Soviet flag on Reagan’s grave.

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