• Is Christina Aguilera Pregnant?

    February 13, 2011 10:44 pm 20 comments
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  • Look at that fatty.

    Watching the Grammy’s it seems someone has eaten one to many burritos!  I look at the belly beaner stuffed with Taco Bell seasonings and wondered “Is Christina Aguilera Pregnant?”

    I care not about the size of a women.  My wife is big and beautiful, because her heart shines with gold and her lips with praises to her Lord.  But there is a sound that scratch’s my mind’s blackboards and it is the fact that a Mexican singer ruined the Super Bowl!

    As I settled down to watch Super Bowl 45 with my good friends, angered hornets could not describe the way peanuts furiously flew from my mouth when I heard the Mexican Mauler mangle the words to the Star Spangled Banner!

    I want to know if she is prego so that when we kick her out and take her green card, she can take her children with her too!  Get out of our country, foreign tongue filths!

    Scientific data indicate that the tongue is laden with bacteria.  So imagine the tongue of a Mexican that is honeydripped with Montezuma’s revenge and musty tequila oils, then sprattles defiance all over the face of American football glory with false lyrics and thumbnosed defiance to humanity’s champion.

    Kick out Aguilera.  I will never forgive her for ruining the Super Bowl.

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