• Is Hosni Mubarak Dead, Death of Dictator Mubarak Lines from Egypt

    February 15, 2011 3:12 pm 5 comments
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  • Only days after telling our American President Barack Hussein Obama to drop dead, new headlines from the oppressive nation of Egypt reveal that dictator Hosni Mubarak has fallen to the valley of death.

    It has been a time of great change for Egypt. The people arose against tyranny and cried out for freedom: their voices rang clarion even across the great ocean, where the opened ears of America heard their cries. We heard their pleas for freedom and prayed for them to be delivered from their theocratic Shariah dictatorship.

    And they were delivered.

    Mubarak was akin to an angry lion, daring to use mean words to our American President Barack Obama and telling him to drop dead. How dare any dirty pyramid scheming saddle-eyed pyramid builder come over here and tell our president to “Drop Dead.” Such words are not allowable and they are lucky we didn’t make Cairo shine bright with a nuclear light that would blind even the fictitious eyes of their false sun-demon Ra.

    If Mubarak is dead, he brought it on himself. Saddam Hussein put out a hit on George W. Bush’s daughters and Donald Rumseld. And we see, both of his sons were sent to hell by the power of American freedom bombs. We hand delivered the Sunni sonnies in a handbasket for Lord Sulfur.

    Then, we heard Saddam squeal for mercy as we let the Iraqi people hand him upon a rope of judgment. God just yawned and did who knows what to 83-year-old Mubarak, but I bet it wasn’t peaceful and not even 1,001 Egyptian Arabian summers can prepare you for waking up on the coldest day of hell, a day that still burns hotter than the core of Earth!

    Sear, Mubarak and anyone who dares insult America. Wrath will be the dish you’re served and it matters not if you hunger or not, for hot coals can always be shoved down the mouth of the wicked!

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