• Is Stephen Colbert a Mangy Mexican?

    February 9, 2011 10:00 am 17 comments

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    Only weeks ago, our revered colleague Reverend Clyde H. Higgins asked if Stephen Colbert was a Afro-American?

    The poll revealed that after the evidence, 78% of Americans agreed that Colbert does have some kunta in him. It probably attributes to his sassy lips and ego trip.

    After the expose I thought no more could be revealed about this lefthanded jester, but had my surprise tickled when reader Jenny Moore sent an email to the Holymailbox.

    Dear ChristWire,
    Thank you for your new service and dedication to restoring America to its Christian tradition and Godly heritage. Without these things, our country is lost and nothing.

    I recently read Dr. Higgen’s expose of Stephen Colbert, a long standing problem in this nation and a man who offended President Bush.

    When doing volunteer work in Mexico last week, I came across a very interesting piece of money. I thought you would enjoy it and the resemblance between this corrupt Mexican politician and Colbert is uncanny. Enjoy and please share with the community.

    Now I know the black article was true, but the resemblance is too strong. Perhaps Colbert’s liberal origins are actually from illegal immigrants?

    If so, I say we investigate it and then kick the tongueroller out of our country.

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