• Justin Bieber Bald Head Shows Further Dip into Socialist Lesbianism

    February 13, 2011 1:11 pm 8 comments
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  • Justin Bieber has fallen to a class two lesbian, one matching the likes of Sinead O’Connor. It remains largely speculative as to why Justin Bieber shaved his head, but insider reports reveal “Diddy” has made statements indicating a “Church of Justin” will be started soon. No word on if this a a Disney Production or an actual religious cult attempt. Much like when Samson was sheered by Delilah, we see Bieber shed the final semblance of any manhood he had at the hands of the ever effeminate Jimmy Kimmel.

    Diddy calling Bieber “sent be God” can be seen as a phallacy, much like the very awkwardly domed, shining head that glints all around Hollywood now. If I were Diddy or this boy’s father, I’d be more concerned about him dabbling in the pool’s of underaged perversion and lesbian orgies with his fangirls and boys.

    Nothing compares a socialist’s burning desire to introduce kids to lifestyles of perversion. Weak morals yield a weak America, and a weak America is more likely to embrace Democratic policy.

    The whining of Sinead O’Connor was quickly pulled from US airwaves, after we discovered the carnal communist only wanted to give tongue-based oratory to Lady Liberty, sneaking beneath the petticoat of America to corrupt us from within. She was caught and exposed, being kicked out of this nation for lesbianism and not singing the national anthem before her concerts.

    The old face of lesbianism and Russia’s attempt at media warfare, and the head of Justin Bieber? Is there a true difference?


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