• Lady Gaga Thrusts Lesbian Egg Into 2011 Grammy Backdoor

    February 13, 2011 9:36 pm 40 comments

    There is nothing lesbians hate more than the fact that they have eggcrates within, so what a non surprise to find Lady Gaga using “artistic symbolism” to batteram her gay agenda right into the 2011 Grammy Awards.

    Only moments ago, the Disco Queen of Decadence paraded into the 2011 Grammy Awards like a sparkling pharaoh of hidden phallic symbols.

    Don’t try to act like you cannot see the bulge when she is upon stage!  There is something afoot and I’m going to guess club toed lesbianism.

    Vogue Magazine praised Gaga for her artistic brilliance and now I’m even forced to agree.  The innuendo of this entrance is smart and if not demonic, and I bet Satan is whisping around the Grammy’s tonight and silently clapping to this new display of “Lesbianism Hatches.”

    Scientists consistently posit, “What comes first, the chicken or the egg?”  It is a smart-mouthed way of saying they believe in evolution and homosexuality.  I posit this for all Gaga supporters:

    “What comes first, the Crisco or the Heat?”  Guess what, it doesn’t matter because when the day of judgment comes your little squawk boxing lesbian rooster crooner will burn just like all the others who hatch lies in our world!

    Mark the words, eggs and chickens are all the same to Chef Satan and his hordes of black demons!  They love a good chicken fry and do not care if they ate babies or big ones, they will pluck you to the bone again and again.

    The fate of lesbianism is a frying pan of hell.  Do not forget that the next time you dare vote a dissheveled spread chicken licker for 6 Grammy awards, Hoellywood!

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