• Lies of Evolution: The Moon and the Tides

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    One of the cornerstone elements to evolutionary theory is the “Big Bang”. Atheists and evolutionary scientists alike will try to convince you, Earth started by a magic “bang” in the cold silence of void.

    There are people who exist, who believe that we can have this impressive world and universe, all with a bang from nothing. How does this make sense?

    Even in the field of empiricism, is the requirement of substantiation and proof. Evolutionary theory relies on empiricism and there is no way to create matter from non-existence. This fact is a fundamental theory of thermodynamics.

    Liberal scientists will try to sidestep this issue, snidely saying that E=mc^2 applications provide a groundwork for a sort of matter – a dark anti-matter – travelling backwards through time and space.

    They will revel in thoughts of matter and anti-matter exploding in the beginning of time, widely flinging out high energy and rock-like formations through the universe.

    From this, they feel the minute details of life — from your day-to-day routine and your kids — is the result of a microbe from primordial ooze. Somehow this microbe grew legs, went to endosymbiosis and developed into separate beings, including Ida, the female lemur monkey, and caveman that evolutionists feel mated and gave rise to modern humans.


    Now let’s be objective. There is a new theory:  The Theory of EXIST.

    In time and space, we find existence. Every spectacular thing you see around you was the product of creation; impossibly complex and marvelous at the microscopic level. As we travel from Earth and the expanses of the heavens themselves, we find dynamics as we see galaxies colliding and interstellar dust of incalculable origin and properties.

    The universe is massive; it is not void. In the crux of EXIST theory, we find a fact that no secular scientist can deny and they will often try to gloss over:

    Where did it come from?

    Where did the universe come from? Did it magically appear? Where did the anti-matter come from? The matter? What of the free energy required for any sort of reaction?

    Look upon the Cosmic Space Butterfly and know the power of God.
    The Butterfly

    What resemble dainty butterfly wings are actually roiling cauldrons of gas heated to more than 36,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The gas is tearing across space at more than 600,000 miles an hour — fast enough to travel from Earth to the moon in 24 minutes!” – NASA

    Tell me this was the product of random; you cannot, in empiricism. Our good colleague Abe Goodman wrote about his account of God’s revealing his cosmic space butterfly to NASA; an experience which brings tears to the eyes.

    Omega Centauri
    100,000 stars dazzle a small slice of heaven

    Look at the power of God. You look upon 100,000 stars and a small picture cannot do it justice. This is just a small frame from the Hubble telescope. Are we to believe that such wonder is random?

    Even back here on Earth, what of the tides? Sure, let us say tidal forces are largely governed by the moon and Earth’s natural gravitational constant. Where did the moon come from?

    At the top of the ladder, we will find empiricism fails. Why? Because by EXIST, there must be a source for all things. If something exists, it had to come from somewhere else. The universe is a closed system, it is in a state of flux expansion and contraction. All existence within it was set in motion by God’s will. Empiricism cannot answer such things, but faith makes it clear as the wonderfully made and placed Sun illuminates the time of day.

    Our friend Bill O’Reilly had some fun with this topic as well. For all the schooling and learning in the world, pale in comparison to the omniscient power of creation of God. Be blessed, friends.

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