• New York Hookers For Sale on Facebook

    February 9, 2011 5:23 pm 6 comments

    Facebook is becoming a hotspot for illicit adult entertainment.

    Facebook is a very dangerous social networking site that is responsible for 1 out of 5 divorces in the US and connects your children to a world of 7 billion strangers.

    While these cold facts are chilling for any devoted spouse and concerned parent, a new discovery will burn fear right through your heart. Prostitutes are now using Facebook to solicit children, married adults and college students for one-night-stands.

    Insider investigation shows several prostitution rings in New York have organized Facebook communities. These communities use advance ‘robot’ scripting to automatically ‘friend request’ people who list marriage, relationship, college or child in their public profiles.

    Professor Sudhir Venkatesh of Columbia University has deeply analyzed the trends, and found that city sex workers are now enveloping Facebook with the ominous mists of their stagnant black market. Professor Venkatesh reports that with the shut-down of Craigslists ‘Erotic Listing’ due to moral America’s protests and petitions, prostitution markets saw a stagnation in growth.

    Intrepid if not immoral, the prostitutes quickly turned to the organized networks of Facebook to garner new clientele. Recent figures released by Columbia University show that modern prostitutes obtain 25% of their clients from Facebook.

    “Even before the crackdown on [Craigslist's] adult-services section, sex workers were turning to Facebook: 83% have a Facebook page, and I estimate that by the end of 2011, Facebook will be the leading on-line prostitute client recruitment space.

    Nearly all prostitutes are online on Facebook, seeking out prey. How long before they arrange a drunken meeting with your college son, trapping him forever in a lifetime of fatherhood with a drug-addleed hooker wife and a monstrously itchy groin to match. How long before your wife or husband succumbs to late night boredom, to only go “get some groceries” but really meet up with an escort to adultery?

    We see that Facebook is already destroying relationships, due to intermingling couple’s relationships of the present with exes of the past. It is all one big nasty circle, a ring of perversion not even dreamed of in the dankest Eastern Europe leather disco.

    Other reports show that modern prostitutes are simply using Blackberry phones to plug into Facebook, making them able to meet with client at discreet locations on the fly, even scoping them out before a true face-to-face meetup. The pimps of old are being cut out of the loop, all in line for the new Don of Decadence: Facebook.

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