• ObamaCare Pharmacy Gives Pregnant Woman Abortion Pill

    February 8, 2011 3:07 pm 4 comments

    Horror grips a local community, after an area Safeway pharmacy gave a woman the wrong prescription.   The name of the medicine is methotrexate, a prescription drug used in a treatment regimen for chemotherapy patents.

    The drug has one other use:  early term abortions.

    While this particular story is heartwreching and gutripping, we must ask what will happen when ObamaCare is long-seated in US policy and practice?  Will doctors begin to give patients medication, to make them sterile or to ensure they do not have babies.  Is this a reverse form of the most feared death panels?


    The life of the mother in today’s story will never be the same.  Look at the tears in her eyes, flowing as the pain of what she’s gone through is very traumatizing.

    Mareen, the mother of the unborn child, will now have to face a new horror. Will her baby suffer birth defects due to this pharmaceutical ordeal? Will her baby be born normal or health, or will the baby die?

    Doctors have given the three possibilities for this mother and her child.

    ObamaCare Pharmacies, the new source of coerced liberal policy? While this pharmacy may have acted in simple yet tragic error, it really does beg the question of why the Obama Administration is trying to destroy private healthcare.

    Under the Obama system, all private healthcare providers will be forced to charge higher premiums. As the premiums go up, the ability of working-class families to afford private healthcare will diminish.

    These families will be forced to accept the new ObamaCare government insurance. As more families leave private health care insurance companies, such as Cigna, Blue Cross or United Healthcare, these industrial leaders will be forced to again raise premiums.

    A new bar will set and more families will be forced to drop their coverage, in lieu of the tax-subsidized government insurance that they are already paying for. Eventually,all that will be left on private health insurance coverage are supplemental policy for Medicare and contracted policy with state welfare health insurances.

    The government will simply cancel these policies, leaving all formerly major healthcare insurance companies broke. The majority of the nation will be on social medicine and as we see with this horrific story today, there can be a conspiracy to dole out more than bad policy for us all.

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