• Planned Parenthood Adopts New Program to Preemptively Euthanize Christians

    February 23, 2011 12:15 pm 33 comments

    Earlier today a leaked memo by a high ranking management official of Planned Parenthood, this country’s largest preventer of babies being birthed, has shown the world that the group intends on pushing for higher abortions of precious children who show signs of being faithful to our Lord while in the womb.

    The internal memo, which appeared on wikileaks this morning (and now since removed, showing more evidence of possible liberal leanings), states the following,

    “We at Planned Parenthood are concerned about the resurgence in the religious population. As a counter-measure, employees are encouraged to identify fetuses who show early signs faithfulness or strong belief in a religious Deity- preferably God, father of Abraham and Jesus.”

    The memo goes on to state “The purpose of Operation F.A.I.T.H (Faith-based Abortions Integral to Total Hedonism) is to ensure that the regrowth of interest in Organized Christianity will be stymied and prevent a swath of Church friendly public officials from being elected. If this happens it could mean an eventual overturning of Roe v. Wade and a more powerful push for abstinence only education in schools, killing our operations.”

    While it remains unclear just whom posted the memo on wikileaks, pro-family supporters are thrilled to see the true goals of the pro-abortion clinics, which mainly serve the poor and underprivileged thus encouraging them to engage in the act of pre-marital sex unabated, revealed.

    “I hope those evil baby-killers get shut down!” said Virginia Wilker, a well-to-do mother of three in upper-middle class Wilkenshire stated. “The Lord God will smite them down for good!”

    “Maybe it will finally encourage all of those poor people to finally put down their drugs, pick up their britches, and get them a job instead of having all that sex and babies now!” remarked Stewart Mc.Millan, recently retired from managing his successful clothing store. “It makes working people like me look bad, I went through a lot to inherit my father’s business and pass it along to my son.”

    Planned Parenthood has reacted quickly and issued the following statement in response to the leak; “We at Planned Parenthood are committed to a stance of being the world’s foremost equal-opportunity fetal End of Life Care provider. We believe it is the right of all babies to be aborted equally regardless of race, pre-supposed gender orientation, or prenatal religious affiliation.”

    Only time will tell if there is any real validity to the authenticity of the memo, but this is currently being hailed by moral citizens everywhere as the first step to finally dismantling one of the top threats to the safety of our pre-born children.

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