• Rachel Maddow Wants a Boehner

    February 17, 2011 7:05 am 15 comments
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    Adam Nelson

    The lesbian media tugboat is hooting its wayward horn again, this time in an impressive display of rudderless hate directed toward the savior of America’s economy, John Boehner.

    Since taking the steering wheel away from the woman Pelosi, Boehner has steered America back on path to a stable economy and fiscal responsibility. Like most standing members of the GOP, Boehner is firm of faith and rigid in conservative values and morality.

    All things considered, it is really no surprise that the lipstick lesbian media is trying to paint Boehner as a bad guy who cannot do his job.   How can a media who stands for gay adoption and abortion orgies really appreciate a man who is all about the nuclear family and the joy of free life for all?

    Rachel Maddow fears Boehner. Listen to the passion and confused clamdabbled anger surge in her voice, as she struggles to find the words to disparage his brilliant economic strategy for a financially sound American future.

    Running her mouth is a female hypocrite, who only months ago demanded we all give Obama “time” to adjust to office and enact his policies.  This is the woman who insists all problems today are the fault of our good President George W. Bush, and Obama is immune from blame because he hasn’t been in office long enough.

    Yet, we find that when Boehner dons his suit that Maddow and the liberal media flee, covering their figurative ears and singing “lalalala” as they run away to their keyboards and green rooms, ready to spread lies about this man’s every move to save our nation.

    Let’s get something straight.  Liberals have a distorted view of morality.  These people have no room making smarmy comments about American’s international policy and fiscal dynamics.

    How can a people who believe that it is natural for a man to marry another man, and then be trusted to adopt children, actually understand the natural Laissez Faire order of the economy?

    How do people who fail to realize the value of all human life, even those not fully born, truly be trusted to give any sort of viable opinion?

    They cannot.   She fears if he gets to close to her, he’ll make her realize her role as an incubator and not a commentator. Nine months is plenty of time to come to terms with one’s bodies natural functions.


    Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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