• Richard Simmons Goes Gaygay Gaga, Dips Deeper into Homosexual Lifestyles

    February 22, 2011 10:48 pm 7 comments
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  • Lady Gaga has now done the unthinkable by making the patently flamboyant Richard Simmons dive deeper into the puckered pools of festering homosexuality.

    For months we have rallied to warn parents about the danger of Lady Gaga, who has questionable origins of sexuality and a keen interest in our children.  Considering the statistic that for every one gay at least four children will get molested, we have a pressing concern in ferreting out any homosexual trying to hide behind the peristaltic walls of shadowy backside pleasures.


    Despite all evidence to the contrary, Richard Simmons is a 62-year-old man.  An older gentleman is expected to be a source of stability and aspiration for a family, not a single macabre spectacle of exuberant effeminate posturings.

    It is horrifying to know Lady Gaga’s cultural influence has climaxed to a point to where it can cause a mild gay to be as homosexually dangerous than Rachel Maddow, Ellen DeGeneres or the exceptionally nasty Anderson Cooper?

    We never saw the surprise counter-attack coming, but for months it seems Gaga had been planning a “Born This Way” propaganda filled concert tour.

    A favorite argument amongst the fecal-breathed gay community is that their tarpit tarrying lifestyle is normal.  That want us in general society to feel it is normal for a man to marry a man, or a woman to marry a woman, when it is naturally against orer of the universe.

    A gay relationship is so sporadic it does not even fit chaos theory.  Just like a Gaga glam show, it’s all a smoldering fusion of betrayal, lust, disease and coital conversion.  Gays attract other gays and betray each other in drug-induced orgies of writhing wantonness.  It’s all sick and we can see that in the midst of glamourized Gaga-era propaganda techniques, even a classic hardline homosexual like Richard Simmons has fallen deeper into the bowel traps of sick perversion.

    Let this be a lesson to everyone.  Homosexuality can be addictive and it is dangerous.  It will lead to gay bowel diseases and destroy the American nuclear family.  To save this nation from the nuclear oblivion of third-world poverty and Obamacare households overrunning society, we must protect tradition in marriage and morality.  We must denounce and end the popularity of Gagas by forbidding homosexuality to rear its head in any aspect of public society.

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