• RIP Black Folks

    February 17, 2011 3:41 pm 36 comments
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    Over 400 years ago they came, hands shackled to keep them from jumping off the boat in fear of the scary, big water.  Never before had they seen such wonders:  sailing ships, thatched roofs and seasoned food.  The original Afircan-Americans were innocent in their knowledge, yet deadly in their potential.

    Little did the colonists understand the contributions the new dark Americans would bring to the new world.  Strong work.  The fields of the Serengeti and running amongst lion prides and hyena packs made the the most fit of the fit.   To survive in savage Africa to a special mix of resourcefulness and raw athletic prowess, a trait seen today in the descendants of the first legal African immigrants, a prideful people looking to earn a better future in America.

    And today, we have their dream realized in our society.  As poet Maya Angelou eloquently states, “I am the hope and the dream of the Motherland.”

    Blacks have made great strides in our beautiful melting pot of cultures.  They do have much to be proud of.  From working at our local DMVs all the way to Walmart and Ralph’s crews, we see blacks can succeed and do good work.  They influence popular culture and always dominate base athletic contests of power and brute strength.

    Growing up, my family had several house Mexicans and when the eldest of them was sick, father hired a “Big Momma Ella”. She was a large chocolate woman with a heart baked in the warmest ovens of love and care.

    She used to take us shopping with her and was very good at cleaning.  Her food was very strong in seasoning, but the main ingredient was always love.  She was a good woman of good Christian faith, but passed due to what her family called ‘sugar diabetes’.

    My time with Big Momma showed me a special insight to black culture of past. Looking around today, it is easy to think black people have betrayed the dream and sacrifices of their ancestors.  They were baggy britches and do not take the opportunities provided to them by unfair affirmative action laws.

    They have every opportunity to go to unsegregated and equal schools, where they can gain university scholarships to become the doctors, teachers and lawyers of tomorrow.  There is nothing holding them back, aside from a culture and mindset that they somehow aren’t meant to achieve.

    Big Momma always warned about it.  She would say she was concerned about her sons, because they were ‘running with the wrong crowds’.  They had an idea in their mind, despite her love and raising them in church, they could never amount to anything more than what they saw in culture:  food stamps, drug deals, obscene amount of children of of wedlock and an early death/incarceration.

    The backbone of any culture are strong men, and we see, the black culture’s backbone is largely missing in action.

    Rest in peace black folks.  You now have a president who believes you need affirmative action to achieve.  He believes that you are so hopeless, that you and all of your children will need Obamacare.

    Obama is pushing for more welfare and Obamacare because he does not think his main constituents, the black community, can achieve without government assistance.

    He wants blacks to keep living in the ghetto, repeating a perpetual cycle of destruction, death and depression.  He wants little black girls to keep partying their legs and letting “Baby Daddy’s” have their way, then opening those legs nine months later to pop out a little welfare baby.

    That’s all Democrats like Obama expect young black girls to achieve.  He expects fathers do be absentee, little horny rabbits who will eventually be hunted down by a rival gang or snared in a prison sentence’s trap of 20 to life.

    Democrats are not trying to promote a culture of success to black folks.  They are institutionalizing socialist mindsets of poverty in the black community, exploiting them so that they can keep taxing society more for social welfare programs.

    Blacks, you are being victimized by the very party you support.  Have you not read the stories of the Southern Democrats (Dixiecrats) who fought tooth and nail to keep you impoverished during the Civil War?  These are the same people who defied federal law to keep you out of school, even making jelly-bean counting Jim Crow laws to keep you from voting?

    Do you know the man who said “freedom for all blacks” was a Christian Republican, a man named Abraham Lincoln?

    Democrats are against black people and the greatest trick they ever pulled was pretending their “social welfare” policy is meant to help.  It is not.  It is meant to oppress and give the government control over your life, psychologically subduing you and forcing you into a generational dependence on government assistance.

    By that token, you are powerless.  Rest in peace, black people, if you continue to vote for democrats who will pander to the notion that ‘blacks cannot achieve’.  They do it out of their own expectations and exploitation.

    Rise up.  Be the hope and dream.  Dare to be different and demand your children and their children bring themselves to the lead of equality, the land of the free and the Republic of fair braveness in daring to try.

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