• Stop Equating Homosexuality with Pedophila and Bestiality

    February 9, 2011 11:43 am 68 comments

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    The notion that homosexuality is no better than pedophila or bestiality, or that homosexuals engage in both of those behaviors, is simply wrong and insulting.

    Christian Conservatives love to use the old “If gays can marry, then I can marry the box turtle that lives down the street” excuse when attempting to fight gay marriage and explain why homosexuality is “wrong”. Do they realize how blatantly wrong they are?


    Homosexuality is the mutual attraction and love between two consenting adults of the same gender. This attraction or love is often expressed by sexual intercourse, marriage (if the country/state permits it) and perhaps children (either via adoption, the hiring of a surrogate mother, or, in the case of lesbians, the use of donor sperm).


    As described by psychiatrist Dr. Herbert Wagemaker, “Pedophilia involves sexual attraction/orientation towards children, and usually involves males. Pedophilia is very rare among females. It is characterized by recurrent intense sexual-arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children for at least a 6-month period of time. What this means is that the sexual attraction/orientation of the person (usually a male) is toward a child rather than an adult.”(1)

    According to the National Alert Registry, “The chance that your child will become a victim of a sex offender is 1 in 3 for girls & 1 in 6 for boys.” (1)

    A study from 1987 that is seemingly in contrast to the above statistics demonstrated that pedophiles who preyed on female children had an average of 19 victims, while those who preyed on male children had an average of 50 victims (1).

    That may be true, and the Christian Conservatives on here will attempt to use it as an argument against homosexuality, claiming that pedophiles are simply gay men. But the fact remains that girls and women have always had a higher risk of being raped or molested. The only explanation for those confounding statistics is that although the number of boys molested per pedophile is higher than the number of girls molested per pedophile, there are still a far greater number of men out there who prefer little girls. In other words, while the number of boys per pedophile is high, the number of pedophiles per girl is higher.

    Sex with a child is never consensual. It stems from a desire to control, not love, the child. Small, undeveloped bodies undergo severe physical trauma, and the inability to understand what is happening results in emotional and psychological damage.


    Bestial relations are the sexual relations between a human being and an animal. Or, to be more specific, the sexual relations between a human and an animal that does not belong to the species Homo sapiens.

    As I’ve sure all of you are aware (well, except for the really sexist ones, like Adam and Tyson) in 21st Century America, sexual activity requires consent. Since animals cannot talk, they obviously cannot consent to sexual activity. The exceptions to this, of course, are Dr. Dolittle and Eliza Thornberry, who, by virtue of Hugh Lofting and Nickelodeon, respectively, can verbally communicate with animals, and thus can obtain their consent for sexual relations.

    Even more disturbing is when the animal in question has been spayed or neutered, and no longer knows what they or doing nor has the proper ability to prepare for sex.

    The physical risks to humans can be just as serious. Yes, the Christian fundies will argue that “gay bowel disease” is a valid concern for condemning homosexuality, but animals that are being violated can (justifiably) bite, kick, scratch, maul, tear someone’s head off, and animals that are doing the violating can most certainly puncture intestines.

    Hopefully this article will illustrate the incredible amount of differences that there are between the act of sex between two consenting adults and between the sick antics of child and animal violators. It is also to demonstrate to Abe that his sexual romps with the horses that live outside of his trailer most certainly CAN be dangerous.

    (1) http://www.registeredoffenderslist.org/what-is-pedophilia.htmhttp://www.abefuckshorses.com

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