• Switzerland Makes Terror Threats Against President Bush, Issues Warrant for “Crimes against Humanity”

    February 6, 2011 9:16 am 11 comments

    Candid in a rare still, sage and gentle President George W. Bush has a pensive moment. In even the minds of mighty leaders, moments of reflection come to surface.

    Some have called him the Stoic Knight of American Virtue.  Others, the Burning Bush of Freedom, who sat high upon a post of morality in the Hill of Washington, D.C., extolling unprecedented parables of virtue and decency for the world to follow.

    History shall regal him as the Last Son of Democracy, the man who brought the world into 21st century and protected mankind from the greatest of threats — terror and unregulated online horrors for the family.  Every person will remember the name George Walker Bush, a man of the people and guarantor of globalized freedom for all.

    In this world of chaos and confusion, there is a new call for America to protect the freedom of not just her citizens, but for all people. In the winds from the orient, Lady Liberty’s keen ears still detect the voices of the Iraqi people, crying out for civilized rule and a savior for their people. Across every television screen, the world pays witness to rudderless Egypt as they sink into a fire-laced quagmire of suffocating death and entombed morality.

    We see and hear in this post-Bush era, that the world does not feel safe. Business investors have lost confidence, cowering behind their desks and market tables, failing to place their money in American enterprise. The Chinese dragon arises, smoldering the ties of economically-fortified peace between every country in the United Nations!

    The people shudder and huddle, not knowing where the great boat-ride of Earth’s history shall take them next. Toward a future of peace and prosperity, or one where America lies crumbled in the shadow of Communist Defeat, the nuclear clouds irradiating the mind and body of man with the poisons of Trotsky financial policy and oppressive welfare reliance?

    SS ´Titanic´ leaving Southampton.We are all passengers together in this section of time and life, and at the helm of democracy is a man who does not know right from left.  Captain Obama has proven himself as a masquerading steward, a man who crept upon the stage of the presidency but is only a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then will be heard from no more.

    The Hope and Change promised in Obama’s speeches, it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  The world has left the wooden Circle of O and now has stepped back into reality, to find the stability built by the sturdy hand of Bush-era policy has been burned and betrayed by Democratic carelessness.

    It is clear that the world needs the words and wisdom of a savior, upon whose every  gentle breath we will find the sails of humanity are blown in the direction of stability, liberty and happiness.  The world needs again President Bush, but Satan is not having it.

    In shocking news from Switzerland, the same complacent nation who allowed an evil empire to death march upon their soil, we find the government has a questionable intent to arrest President George W. Bush for “Crimes Against Humanity”.

    The same people who reveled in chocolates and watch making as the horrors of World War II played out, are now stalking a man who has been called by God to free the world from Obama-generation oppression.

    Throngs of cheering Iraqi school children flock to a US soldier, who freed them from the maniacal rule of a Muslim dictator.

    Iraq and Afghanistan, the stories reveal women and children cannot sleep at night because the streets ran rampant with terror hordes.   The scary Shariah Law — the hadith that allows ravaged school girls to be flogged to death while a village cheers praises — spreads with the same deft force as men who once laced their boots under the unction of Hitler’s voice.  Friends, a new age of war is upon us and the enemy, functions by the will of Satan and a new generation of war techniques.

    Switzerland is a false neutral.  We see already more nations in Europe have been given ‘the warrant’ to arrest President Bush, should he arrive in their country.  These acts of aggression are warfronts by Satan and must be treated as such.

    There is a new need for an era of America’s Manifest Destiny, the same guiding principle that brought the tribal savages of the American territories from the shivering cold hides of buffalo skins and warpaint, to the civilized life of electric heat and diplomacy.

    Today we stand on the brink of a Decision Point.  What fate will America decide for the world?  Will we let bands of international liberals hunt down President Bush, like he is a wayward Boy of Brazil?  Will we allow a precedent to be set that the American president must bow before the now twisted thrones of Geneva, whose accords were bought by the life and blood and sweat of America’s grandfathers during World War 2?

    America, Satan is locking us out of the very world we built.  Before America’s rise to international prominence in the 1940s, the world war a dark place.  Great depressions filled our lands while the war weary crops of Europe were fortified by the blood of the innocent.  The horrors of Japan and Asia, too terrible to repeat.

    It was the guiding leadership and conservative values of men like Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Milhous Nixon that brought stability to the world.  It was the tireless work of men like Senator Joseph McCarthy and blessed President Reagan that freed communism’s death grips from the throat of burgeoning democracy.  It was the will of President George W. Bush that fought off the hordes of Moor jihad crusaders, in the aftermath of 9/11.

    The Obama world is an orgy hotbox of intoxicating madness and liberal corruption.  The Fathers of Freedom watch in heaven above, as the stock markets of Europe and Japan betray America for Lady Socialism’s Russian leathers and petite Chinese yuan figures.  Nowhere is there loyalty or decency, no memory of lessons from the past being played in media headlines.

    And on the curb, we find kicked men who stand against genocidal dictators.  Their steadfast policy and ideals for humanity lost to the loud cackles from the peanut galleries of the Liberal Elite Media.  Maddow, Stewart and Stern; they are all alike, selling a form of perversion to the masses, all for self-gratification and twisting of our nation’s moral fabrics.

    We are in a dark time, friends.  Cruel days and evil hours.   The symbolism is rife and we see the White House is habituated by a darkness never predicted by the forefathers.  The White House is the heart of Democracy, and if the heart teems with the black gangrene of corruption, how can we expect the world to not rot?

    Earth is befallen with a great sickness and from the belly of the world there is a cry:  “Mother America, swaddle humanity again with stability.”

    The morality of mankind must be assimilated.  We must act with quick force, or the horrors of World War II will arise again.  We must send God’s Politician, President George W. Bush, into the fray of politics again so that terrorists can cower in disabled fear, the liberal media can stand in awe of his oratory and the hearts of America,Iran, Egypt and China can be warmed again by his everyman smile.

    If Sweden or any other nation dares stand against our President, we must comfort the rebelling child with a swaddling blanket of nuclear warm, one we enveloped upon rebellious Japan and found their childish bickering quickly overcome by compliant silence.

    This is no game:  the world was built by American and will be maintained by America.  It is time to once again take the shame and guide humanity back toward the beacon of Heaven.

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