• The Five Whys of How Teacher Whores are Ruining America

    February 26, 2011 1:55 am 32 comments
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    Time for School, kiddies

    Teacher Whores are ruining the promise of America by increasing unemployment, home foreclosures, killing babies, hating Jesus and increasing crime. All of the fiscal and moral issues ripping apart the greatest country in the world are due to the collectively bargaining teacher whores that put all of us in harm’s way and scare the banana pudding out of the conservative, God fearing moral majority.

    The 5 Why’s

    The five why’s is a process of identifying the root cause of an issue or problem. The premise is that within five whys, one can get to the central cause of any problem. Here’s a helpful breakdown to explain why Teacher Whores are ruining America and will dance naked around the bonfire of vanities fueled by the empty husks of the American Dream:

    * The American economy is bad and the government spends more than it receives in taxes. (the problem)
    1. Why? – Corporations and the Rich pay too much in taxes and receive little benefit from a workforce with skill levels greater than the average Mexican. (first why)
    2. Why? – The people elected a half Black President instead of John McCain. (second why)
    3. Why? – The Teacher Unions support liberal candidates. (third why)
    4. Why? – Teachers join unions. (fourth why)
    5. Why? – Teachers are whores and the root cause of the bad economy and government over spending. (fifth why, a root cause)

    The five why’s are flawless in this application. I challenge liebrals to say the problem or the first 4 whys are not fully supportable FACTS. If the first four whys are facts, the fifth why is also considered a fact.

    If any of these whys are false, the process needs to be repeated until each is true. Notice that firefighters are not whores, because they actually keep fire insurance rates down for corporations and the rich plus protect balance sheet assets, not just baby sit the kids of welfarers.

    Let’s try another one.

    * Prostitutes and liberal women are getting abortions on their lunch breaks. (the problem)
    1. Why? – they learned that eating three meals, including a mid-day meal, sustains energy throughout the day. (first why)
    2. Why? – The government mandated nutrition education in health class. (second why)
    3. Why? –Liberal candidates infiltrated the government and created the rules for teaching health. (third why)
    4. Why? – The Teacher Unions support liberal candidates. (fourth why)
    5. Why? – Teachers are whores and the root cause of prostitutes and liberal women getting abortions during lunch breaks. (fifth why, a root cause)

    See how easy it is to learn something useful from someone NOT in a union? Try it on any topic.


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