• The Simpsons Once Again Beat South Park, Family Guy in Immoral Ratings

    February 4, 2011 5:55 pm 27 comments
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  • WARNING:  This media review contains explicit material from the new Simpson’s cartoon series for children.  Please pray and demand all women/children leave the room before review.

    For several years now, I’ve endeavored to warn parents of two dangerous television shows made for children. One of these shows is South Park. It is a sick television show that delights in man-boy touches, secret twinkles and praises elementary drug use, lesbian experimentation and violence.

    Family Guy is a knock-off version of South Park, using the same parlor tricks to introduce children to lewd themes.

    In the movement to warn about these shows, moral media reviewers such as myself forgot about the progenitor of these programs:  The Simpsons.

    Over time, the Simpsons has grown stale and flat, much like an old cup of ginger ale at a nursing home, with dentures soaking within.  It was the rebel of old and the tame of new:  until now.

    With the advent of demonic movies such as Chucky Poltergeist and Toy Story, children have a weird fascination with 3rd.  We see even the once moral Looney Toons, or Merry Melodies of old, have been corrupted by this new 3d cartoon craze.  The new 3d technique leaves a void, a nostalgic yearning for a time of innocence accompanied by classical tunes.

    Even after all of these perversions, we find that the grandaddy of immoral cartoons has returned.  He has taken deep chugs of Satan’s flask of pornographic whiskeys and the ales of transgression.

    Grandpa Simpson has returned to the fray and is showing masterful experience in doling out decadence for the youthful minds of the innocence.  As if teaching children that throwing spitwads or making fanny flatunlence jokes was not bad enough, we see the Simpons are now ripping into the very essence of childhood innocence.

    They are addicting children to flesh exposures, an act that the dynamic Pastor Gould has revealed is drugs for the mind.  We saw a flash of warning when Marge Simpson posed for Hugh Heffner in Playboy, but now the Simpsons is letting it all hang out.

    Immediately we can see the new Simpsons 3d is blurring the lines between reality and fiction.  These figures may appear as 3d cartoons, they are flesh and blood people.

    New animators want children to confuse what they see in real life and what they see on cartoons, so the perversions they create become the reality for the next generation.  In this image, we see “Margie Simpson” who plays the cartoon mother is preparing to engage in mouth deviations.  She is using her mouth to commit genocide at the genetic level and it is no better than “M”.

    Every year, nearly 50% marriages fail and one causal factor is perversion.  Couples thrill seek and do all sorts of gross things like gay insertions of the thingy into the wife’s fecal portion of the separator flap and all the way to these mouth sally acts we see Margie Simpson performing by Homer.

    The animators hope that children will have the guard down and experiment with such things, so they can keep making even more gross humor and outdo South Park.

    On the show, there are two children named Bart and Lisa.  They are only in elementary school and look what we have here.

    Lisa 3d is dressed like a black street walker, Daisly Dukes cutting within her fertile shrine of chlamydiae terrors.  Children in elementary should not even know what that word means and yet you can see the panty shorts worn by Lisa teem with all sorts of unknown bulbous bulges of bacterial nasties.

    Then if that was not enough, we see a tramper stamp.  It indicates devotion to prostitution.  This is also nasty because standing to her right is her brother, Bart, who is holding illegal Russian arms and has a drug inspired expression upon his face.

    Teenage boys have a natural disposition of purity and will become confused by this show.  Teenage girls will become whores.  That is the goal and you can see, if you look closely, red bumps on Lisa’s orange legs shining bright with irradiated sins.

    In this picture we see the show writers try to convince children that adultery is okay, by having Ned Flanders give a high diddlydaddlyo to Marge right in her mother box.

    Look at the way he placed his hands around her neck and her right hand is probably doing gay tinglings to his backside.  This is all sick and Flanders is supposed to represent the naive Christian in the original 2d cartoon, but from his 1970s era ‘nasty stache’ above his lips we see he is just another labial lover.

    Adultery is poison to America.  It is the reason we have a bad economy and so many men are being forced to look at video nasties in online sites.  Just like with Eve, women have a tendency to deviate and cheat on their husbands with the most unsuspecting of people.  We are seeing it play out in this cartoon and millions of men unknowingly fall into bed with a cheating woman every night.

    One sure way you can tell is actually captured here.  If you look at Marge’s face, you see that unsure nasty girl smile.  You can tell minutes before, Satan’s stuffing was all over her face and she is worried Homer will smell remnants of the seasonings of sin.  Keep your wives in line with gentle taps to the face and keep your children away from this child cartoon.

    What will your teenage son make of this?  Your precious little Sara as she comes home from kindergarten to find this as tv entertainment?

    You can see the orange thighs creeping out from the tight, cucumber dress and it is a salad doused with carnal calories.  Satan laughs, knowing parents will think this cartoon is ‘innocent’ by genre but is loaded with heart clogging calories of perverse tastes.  They are trying to entice teenage boys to enter her tooted rear and yell caboose captain when instead they should be focused on being the next football or even basketball captain.  How sick that our children are being corrupted like this?

    Research over ‘still shots’ from the original cartoons series gives evidence that this is probably Moe, the show’s barkeeper.  We can see even the bartender has been invited over to put Marge on his tap, letting flow Satan’s nectars and disease into Homer’s wife.

    Children will come home from school and at 3:30, see a man bypass a woman’s mouth and just ply her dallying zone with a steady stream of Satan’s nectar and I’m not talking about the alcoholic variety!

    Wake up and whiff the smelling ammonia salts, parents!  This is a play to addict your children to fleshly peril and it will lead them to a life of drugs, prostitution and death.  The two Jews of Doom, Matt Stone and Trey Parker could not even organize something so vile.  Not even the homosexed baby creating Seth MacFarlaine could copy an idea like this as his own, then present it as new to throngs of thonged homos watching a gay baby at home on their plush leathers and requisite flat screen tvs, cats and lotions everywhere.

    It is all a confusing mess and that is exactly the images these show producers want flooding into your child’s mind and into their sin hoarder brain.  Sick perversions is the new slang and the Simpsons 3d is slanging it better than the most experienced prowling black of Harlem.  Look at the evidence!

    This screenshot was taken from the last night’s episode, the marital tallywhacker.  Children were shown how a woman can take a man’s pole and enter it into her secret place.  On the floor,you can see the leaked residue from the backside attacks Ned Flanders and Moe performed on her on the prior scenes before Homer got home.

    Now in the heat of guilt, she twiddled him on television and children so it.   Look at his eyes and face go sanguine in the throes of tainted love.   This is the downfall of our children and every parent should be up in arms.

    Parents, there is a battle going on.  It takes place not on streets of the ‘hood or the sand pits of Egypt, but rather in the heart and mind of our children.

    Satan wants to take hold of them and get them to be nasty people:  prostitutes, God-deniers, drug pushers, murderers.  Satan wants them to be the lowest of the low and deny family values and conservative morality.

    3d video technology is being used as a gateway drug.  It is addicting children to lifelike images, then transitioning them to the filth we see on display.  Just like with comics, it tries to use ‘cartoons’ to make everyone think of fun laughs and innocence, then catch you offguard with clam dabbling and hooha stinkers in the eye that whispers.  It is all very sick and parents be warned, for your children will act out what they see on tv in the secret of night, in your very home.

    Ban the Simpsons.  It is now again dangerous.

    Simpsons 3d Cartoon

    Moral Rating: S (Sinister) for

    - explosed sinflaps/separator flaps, residue of sin on floor, adultery, divorce acts, exposed fornication, corrupting agenda, gay agenda, drug/alcohol use, evolution agenda

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