• Twilight Teen Wolfpack Savages Innocent Boy

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    Disturbing trend in schools worldwide have pitted 'werewolves' versus 'vampires', a replaying of ancient tales of homosexuality, blood sacrifice orgies and other untold horrors. One Pennsylvania family suffers tonight because a Twilight werewolf attack. Will your family and your child be the next?

    Terrifying news for parents across America, as a new Twilight-inspired craze is causing children to join in “wolfgangs” who are savaging unsuspecting classmates and teachers to the point of death.

    Please be warned, the video of one of these attacks follows and is not for the faint of heart.

    For parents not in the know, Twilight is a dangerous cult book series that was made into a movie. The origins of the book are from the Qwinyong region of China, by a recluse author named JRK Tolkien. This is the same monster who wrote the pulp magic novel Harry Potter.

    In the Twilight “saga”, children are introduced to a culture of bloodletting and vampire ritual. The words of these books are the same that gave rise to the vampires of Bubonic plague, the beasts detailed in historical accounts of Vlad the Impaler and holy bricking to save humanity.

    We cannot stuff the mouth of our children with bricks, so it is terrifying to see how Twilight has already caused children to go on “vampire” biting sprees in the classroom. If this was not scary enough, there is the new wolfpack threat.

    It is a form of bullying. In Twilight, children are forced to choose between being a “Team Jacob” or a “Team Edward”. Those who are on “Team Edward” are told they must wear tight legpantings and cut their arms so others may feast upon their blood in moon eclipse rituals. These are the same mouth sucking actions performed by pagan Wicca on the Equinox of Lucifer.

    It is very sick and disturbing, and before the release of this series, “Twilight: The Deathly Hallows” we saw the introduction of Jacob the Wolf in the books. On screen, the Hollywood producers picked a hulking Mexican to play this role as Mexicans are hairy and without great morals, allowing him to fall into the Satanic beastly aspects of a gore wolf character.

    There is a young girl child name Bella in these movies, and she opened her fertile secrecy to the vampire. This resulted in teenage pregnancy and abortions onscreen, which if your child saw this movie they now think is natural. It is reported that because of Twilight, there was a 7% increase in abortions nationwide in the high school cohort. New York’s abortion rate is now 51%.

    The original Twilight movies brought back the horrors of the Dark Ages, when Christianity was forced into a corner. In the stead of righteousness, there was the rise of dark creatures named vampyres.

    As mentioned, priests were able to use fire, bricks and prayer to relieve the first age of the Twilight. As parents we cannot stuff the mouth of our children with bricks and are left with a dilemma.

    The movie producers and Satan have already calculated this, and now in addition to our children falling to the cult of Dark Aged vampirism, there is a double-whammy with the rise of Lycans, the Spanish word for werewolf.

    Latent within the genes of Mexicans, is the feral wolf WHSC1L1 region. As seen in this image from Old Mexico, without proper nurture Mexican children are more likely to develop 'feral traits'. Innate to the Mexican demeanor is tendency to crawl on hands and grow excessive hair, resulting in "Wolf Syndrome". The Twilight movies will induce children without such genetic conditions to behave like a Mexican wolf.

    As Europe was being tormented by vampires, ancient Mexico found itself victim to a different form of demonic attack: the wolf.

    Packs of rabid ancient Mexicans were said to be seen running from village to village, wild-eyed in rage and feasting upon the blood of innocent pets and children. It may not sound too much different than the drug-toking Mexican of today, but it was much worse.

    In the place of swine-flu, there was an unprecedented bout of malarial rabies that wiped out much of South America and forced Spain to send over great governors like Hernando Cortez to bring morality and decency to the people.

    The diaries of Cortez tell of horrors in the first days:

    Las calles estaban llenas de los huesos de los caídos: mujeres, niños soldado y la bestia. Fue horrible. Nuestros sacerdotes no estaban a salvo en los botes, nos encontramos con estos lobos mexicanos son grandes nadadores.

    Parece que los números se multiplican. De un estudio, puede surgir entre 30 y 40 de ellos, los ojos muy abiertos y la boca abierta a los alimentos.

    Es peor que la peste de vuelta a casa. El agua aquí hace caer fuego en mis pantalones, y estas criaturas puede ser imposible de gobernar.
    H. Cortés

    This is the same horror that now plagues are nation’s schools.

    This was the scene in Pennsylvania school, where you can see a pack Mexican attack taking place.  These children are the product of the Twilight movie generation, likely cajoled into thinking this is “Team Jacob” behavior.

    It grips the heart to know the notion of internal animal spirits can corrupt our children.

    The Twilight movies are dangerous and the video is great proof.  We have innocent children having their necks bit and flesh ripped by those under the Twilight spell.  Kids today believe they are vampires and wolves.   Parents, we must stop this right now or we will have an epidemic.

    Imagine the horror in your heart, when you find your daughter bitten in the neck and pregnant with an AIDS baby because she let an adult vampire ‘put his sucking straw in her red naughts’.  What will the parents of the child victim in the video do, as their kid suffers a lifetime of psychological trauma from being attacked by a pack of wolf children?

    We must ban Twilight.  It is dangerous and is causing violence.   Check your children’s rooms and if you see any mention of Jacob or Edward, burn it or throw it away.  Forbid any products associated with this movie and pray that JRK Tolkien will find himself in the deepest recesses of hell for corrupting our children and serving as a commanding general in Satan’s armies.

    Editor’s Note
    Updated footage of this tragic attack, where a teenage child was attacked by a Twilight wolf pack. The scenes in the video media are graphic, please ensure all women and children exit the room as viewer discretion is advised.

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