• What the Liberal Media Can Learn From Rachel Maddow’s Christwire Scandal

    February 1, 2011 10:42 am 163 comments

    rachel maddow christwire

    MSNBC talking head Rachel Maddow lit up the conservative blogosphere Monday night with an unprecedented attack on Christian journalism in America today. In the middle of a discussion about the Egyptian crisis, she shocked many with a surprisingly vicious assault on Sarah Palin and her grassroots supporters across the country. It was the height of unabashed media bigotry and this liberal icon’s career may very well suffer from the repercussions already stirring around the globe.

    At the heart of Ms. Maddow’s tirade was a simplistic and mocking attempt to understand an investigative article by this reporter entitled, “As Egypt Descends in Chaos, Should Sarah Palin Support a US-Led Invasion?” In that piece, the growing consensus that the insurgencies in North Africa presage a rise in Islamic fundamentalism was detailed. This is an issue that politicians like Governor Palin desperately need to address. We may very well be facing the gravest security threat to American primacy since September 11th.


    Yet Maddow, like so many of her liberal ilk, is so obsessed with the rise of the Tea Party that she fails to appreciate dangers beyond her elitist, navel-gazing circle of self-aggrandizing wantons. The idea that a national movement could be birthed on our factory floors, nurtured in our churches and catapulted to media prominence through town hall protests simply terrifies the subversive elements in the United States today. Most agree that in a time of war it is essential that this nation present a united front against our enemies. Sadly, Maddow conveniently sidelines this fact. Instead, she sees the tide of Egyptian violence as the perfect excuse to exact revenge on a beloved figure who enjoys tremendous support on the home front.

    Several of my fellow journalists have suggested to me privately that, at the very least, Maddow owes Christwire an apology. Frankly, I’d rather not lower myself to her level. Most conservatives do not even consider her worthy of consideration. Her self-serving browbeating of a hardcore socialist agenda is an anathema to faith and righteousness. It is easy to dismiss this newswoman as a second-rate disingenuous fringe zealot who would trade her cable news podium to fill in Mary Hart’s heels on Entertainment Tonight in a heartbeat. Yet maybe this is the perfect opportunity to finally reassess one of this country’s most notorious persecutors of our sacred freedoms.

    The fact is Maddow has done incalculable harm to the America we know and love. She smirks and guffaws her way through every newscast with an ersatz humility. She is like a schmaltzy Catskills comedian, desperate for a few claps of pitying applause as we anxiously make our way to the bar. At the end of the night, we must acknowledge that she’s just as responsible for the flaccid tuna casserole of bad ideas as her bosses in the Obama administration who serve up the steaming plates of Biden talking points, bastardized health studies and blog posts from the perpetually unemployed. Liberals gorge themselves on this overpriced buffet meal with reckless abandon, blind to the fact that they’re genuinely putting the future of America at risk.

    rachel maddow christwire

    Ms. Maddow’s outrage, delivered with shrill emotionalism, is simply unconvincing. It’s as if she knows deep in her heart that she will never command the respect of her Fox News betters. As an intellectual, she is only slightly capable of reading the pithy lines fed to her from a teleprompter. One sees her eyes darting back and forth as she stumbles her way through complex sentences. Awkward pauses warn us of the arrival of a multisyllabic word. Despite the fact that she is hopelessly out of her league on prime time television, she makes no effort to hide her seething grandiosity.

    The divergent sexuality that Maddow so willfully exudes with her tight jackets and bee-stung lips is off-putting, if not patently offensive. But somehow she still cultivates an audience. By endorsing radical lifestyle choices and free health care, she beckons many into her chasms of unfathomable sensuality. Like a true liberal, she never divulges the intense same-sex crisis that taunts her at every turn. What is most maddening is that many women in America have been drawn into her dangerous web, tempted to experiment with fleshy interactions that serve no procreative role. Can she honestly say that this is the patriotic thing to do at a time when surging third world populations are tearing down our borders, ready to throw our freedoms onto the floor for swarthy violations of sin and socialism? Yes, it’s high time that all of us admit that Rachel Maddow embodies every possible scenario of our downfall as a nation.

    I do appreciate that Ms. Maddow described my journalism as “spectacular” on her broadcast. Maybe there is some hope in that outrageous brain of hers. While some of my enemies on the left are warning fellow reporters to avoid my work, with John Hudson of the Atlantic even going so far as to say of NBC, “Maybe the company should flag this guy in their employee handbook,” I have a humble suggestion. Why not follow up with a look at some groundbreaking investigations I have performed on Bill Murray, The Golden Girls and homosexual pets? As Maddow dejectedly tweeted after her encounter with the cerebral superiority of this website’s message, “Christwire: 1, The Rachel Maddow Show: 0.” Yes indeed, Rachel. Yes indeed.


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