• Women Milk Sacks in the Workforce: Incubators or the New Mexicans?

    February 18, 2011 2:46 pm 96 comments
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    Little Rascal sucking away jobs.

    Babies. They are adorable blessings that suck the life out of a struggling economy.

    Governor Sarah Palin recently reversed her position on milk sack feeding from supportive to an economic need for those unmarried baby-mammas too lazy to get up and get to work. While the urine stream liberal media reported this as a snub to FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s support of October as a month long, recognized milk bag extravaganza in the United States, Governor Palin’s views reject the hypocritical stance of the WH and supports working women and economic growth.

    “It’s no wonder Michelle Obama is telling everybody you need to breastfeed your babies… the price of milk is so high.” – Sarah Palin

    Women as purveyors of milk sacks need to grow the economy, not hinder it. Breastfeeding does not create jobs or increase profits of formula companies. It is a barrier to economic growth at a time when private sector growth is struggling.

    While infant nutrition sectors of companies, like Nestle, have shown positive growth in 2010, not enough women are on the economic bandwagon to provide top dollar to shareholders or allow corporate contributions to fund Governor Palin’s SarahPac in preparation of a 2012 Presidential campaign. Milk sacks are getting in the way of real change.

    The recession has been referred to as the Man-cession. With women earning on average 70% of their male counterparts in the workplace, women are poised to fill the position of the “New Mexicans” in the American workforce and can offer higher profits with less salary spending. Just like the Mexicans, women steal American jobs from men with a low cost alternative. There is hope. As proven time and time again, profits and increased consumer demand drive more jobs for men to supervise and manage these New Mexicans of the workforce, if women control themselves and use their milk bags for good not evil. A woman earning less is great, because they need a man to direct them.

    One milk sack on the street, a strong supporter of women rejecting their role as “incubators”, is the oftentimes argumentative “Claire” found here on Chris†wire. “Claire” is a long time commenter, sometimes blogger that brings a fresh opinion in support of Governor Palin’s initiative. Claire is strongly opposed to being referred to as an incubator and fully supports Governor Palin views rejecting milk sack heresy.

    Governor Palin shows great wisdom in the rejection of the WH and FLOTUS namby-pamby breastfeeding is the best nutrition propaganda. She is courting the hairy armpits of the feminazis and building a bridge to a 2012 Presidential win with more jobs and sustainable economic growth.

    In summary, women are the New Mexicans and the saviors of a struggling economy (if they can treat their milk sacks like an entertainment center, as God intended, instead of a fast food drive up window for infants).


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