• Words That Can Start A War (#wordsthatcanstartawar)

    February 26, 2011 6:29 pm 23 comments
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  • After covering the volatile development in Egypt last week, many US journalists — even the most seasoned — learned very important things.

    For one, not every nation appreciates a free press. In America’s land of Democracy, where we have leeway to jostle a politicians deceptive words with even more powerful words and images and videos, it’s easy to forget that an iron-will dictator does not enjoy such a rumpus. There is a good chance you will find yourself under the boot of a soldier, dictator vowing death to you.




    From the words of a dictator, we see words that can start a war. As the people of Libya cry out on twitter with #wordsthatcanstarawar, we are seeing the domino effect of freedom predicted by President Bush.

    Once, a proud dictator’s words would cut fear through any rebellious protest. Now, these words are fighting words. The people in the Arab lands are not standing done but are yearning for something many never thought possible. Freedom. Hope, the essence of Bush’s democracy.

    Just like the people of America, our friends worldwide are realizing the hopeless nature of Obama’s “Change” and “Passivity”.  Where Obama tried to preach there was Hope in negotiating with these terror dictators, everyone in th eworld are realizing Obama is just a Gaddafi henchman.

    Like Idi Amin, Obama stands proud next to the Gaddafis and Ahmadinejads of the world, embracing his Muslim Brotherhood while trying to tell all of us freedom loving people to accept their words of hate.

    These words of hate of spread through innocent people’s lives for far enough.  Just like when we through off the redcoat of British tyranny, we must now stand with our Islamic people as they throw of the redfaced tyranny of their oppressive theocratic leaders, who see themselves as Pharaoh deities.

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    Words that can start a war?  The dictators of the East need to understand that any word aimed against their people in hate or American liberty in harm is a word of war.  And to their war of words, America will sing a song of nuclear freedom.  We will reign an era freedom for all people and whoever shall stand in our unified way will be cropdusted beneath the sandy stretches of arid oblivion.

    Libya, your day of freedom comes.  We will be at your side, together, singing a song of freedom for a new age and unity between all people.

    As we prepare to join Libya and every other nation overthrowing their oppressive dictators, let us rally and threaten war mongers.

    Let us list the words that we will never stand for again.

    What are the words that can start a war?

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