• 10 Videos of Evil Cats Turning on Their Owners

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    Cat owners are delusional people who try to pretend that they do not have a violent, unpredictable beast as a pet. Just like that creepy moment in Silence of the Lambs, where Buffalo Bill says “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again”, every day we see macabre, chilling scenes of people taking cat food and pet supplies from the store, taking it home to what they think is an animal companion.

    The fact of the matter is that cats are very Satanic.   Even in the culture of ancient cities stolen by the Chinese, tales are told of how cats are a vessel of demon possession and infestation.  Add this to their naturally primal, violent nature and you can see that cat owners are always an endangered species.  In these following videos, I chronicle a few bad kitties who have brought hell to humans and have helped raise awareness of cat on human violence.

    - Due to the graphic nature of cats attacking defenseless humans in these videos, viewer discretion is advised.  Have gentle wife/children audience leave the room before reviewing to prevent night terrors. –

    1. Big Cat Brutalizes Indian Enviromentalist

    In the Mahout region of India, villagers suddenly started to notice their children and small cattle were going missing. Worry soon turned to sheer panic, when one day a tearful mother, Prahdi, heard only her child’s cries and made it outside to only see a large jungle cat dragging her daughter away, to never be seen again.

    Many people try to deny the power and relation of a house cat and jungle cat. As we will see today, there is not much difference and house cats are an even greater danger the the first beast you’ll watch in this initial video. A group of field scientists were sent out to capture the People-Eating Cat Demon, as the villagers called it, and in this rare video, you will see the true horror of this cat. The man attacked barely survived, but still bears deep tissue loss in his abdomen and still no replacement for his fingers.


    If you think this video was terrifying, you will not believe the horror these following house cats inflict on every day people like you.

    2. Cat Savages a Vet

    In this footage, we see three people at an unknown veterinary clinic. The doctor opens the cage and instantly, a hellspawm swarm of terror rips out. Claws unleashed and teeth bared, the cat brutally attacks all involved and in the carnage, the scent of chaos and fear only excites the cat’s innate desire to spill human blood and whet its rough, ridged tongue in tepid pools of crimson human demise.

    3. Liberal Judge Throws Cat In Jail for Euthanizing Cats, Bleeding Heart Reporter Gets Face Savaged By Cat from Same Litter

    Here, a left wing reporter pays the ultimate price for trying to do the typically Democrat thing of spinning the truth into a bleeding heart treehugger piece.

    A foolish judge decided to throw a couple in jail, after cats they were transporting to an animal shelter became suddenly violent and tried to maul their faces. Stricken with panic, the couple had no choice but to throw the cats from their vehicle. Eager to play on heartstrings and demonize the victims more, the local radical new station grabbed another cat from the same litter and were ready to power play a piece about how cats are sweet creatures.

    We see this cat unleashed the same demonic fury wielded by its brothers and sisters. This reporter received mutiple facial trauma and an unconfirmed number of deep, gaping facial lacerations requiring immediate medical attention.


    4. Liberal Parents Allow Cat To Attack Toddler


    The footage on this home video will anger most parents in their right mind. A cat appears to bite and claw a toddler. The child simply wants to play, the cat wants to naturally eat the flesh of the child. The parents in this video do not stop the cat from going too far. The second one turns a back on a cat, it will attack an innocent child and try to eat the kid. The proof is this very disturbing video. I wish I had been there, because I would have happily pinned this cat down until it was exhausted and thrown it over the fence at the local dog pound. Just like after a wild animal gets a taste of human, any animal that attacks like this should be immediately dealt with in retribution and then permanent a means of permanent silence.
    5. The Red Light of Satan Shines From Its Eyes


    In this footage, the power of Satan is seen behind the gaze of this cat’s eyes. The ruby red eyes are a mirror into the soul of this cat, and you can see it boils red with the fiery fury of a communist red dragon’s blood. From the village in East Siberia where this footage was obtain, it is said only an eerie silence and dank smell of death lingered in the abode where the filmes dwelled. The ground is now called “The Den of Red Satan” and is ritually cleansed by unorthodox Russian priests.

    6. Possessed Cat Speaks the Voice Words of Satan

    Listen to the sound of Hell. A cat opens its mouth and instead of a deceptively innocent mew, instead its true voice is heard. The sound of Satan even causes your heart to race with fear after you have prayed. This cat is proof that felines are creatures of great evil. It laughs in the face of its foolish owners and plots the demise of not only their bodies, but their souls. What sorts of whispers does this cat chant to them when it pretends to give a nose kiss or steal into their bedroom in the dead of night? Is your cat actually kissing your nose, or taking a whiff of your soul?

    7. Cat Attacks Innocent Babysitter


    In this CC coverage, a babysitter is simply playing bouncy ball with an adorable baby. In another room, a black cat lurks in secret, plotting a way to bring phone calls of carnage and horror to a mom and dad who just needed a night on the town.

    Notice how the cat was never provoked. It just randomly attacked this babysitter and wanted to feast upon the child’s body. It only had one obstacle, and the cat, backed by another, addresses the fact. It is irresponsible to have cats and children in the same home for this very reason. Just like the beast seen in Paranormal Activity 2, this cat is the real deal and wants the child for itself.

    8. Cat Attacks Bear


    Bears are a noble, endangered species. While the world is plagued with sprawling broods of kittens, bears dwindle and continue to be hunted by Alaskan Indians. What we see here is footage of not only a house cat’s natural aggressino, but proof that it is truly demonic.

    A bear simply wants to sniff the garbage for a few scraps of food. Bears are omniverous and well known for their foraging. This cat shows no fear even against a mighty bear, showing that it is a truly evil animal that has demon’s blood coursing through is veins. No ordinary creature in its right mind would attack a full grown bear, but this cat has Satan on its side. The bear can sense this fact within its instinctive heart and guts.

    9. Cats Fights Like a Great Boxer

    Rocky is an excellent film series where Rocky Marciano where an American fighter overcomes the greastest obstacles in life with the rugged power of heart and American determination. Many boxers use the movie series for inspiration and just like a boxer, we see this cat is using an unorthodox style to torture the family dog.

    Odds are this cat is possessed by a demon spirit that was a boxer before it was sent to hell.

    10. Black Cat Attacks Pure White Baby


    In this video, we see a black cat attacks an innocent baby. While initially the fur-color may not cause one to be surprise, notice how the beast is hiding in the bushes. It was plotting on this baby. Had it been a big man walking on that path, the cowardly cat would have thought twice before going on a death mission. But with the baby, as you learn on the nature channel, the cat sees easy work and thinks it will have a quick meal. Parents, this video grips your heart with fear. What if this had been your child, mauled or suffocated to death by a crazed cat?

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