• Greedy Asians Ask For Money For ‘Earthquake Relief’

    March 11, 2011 10:30 pm 13 comments

    American cars don't get overtaken so easily...

    Japan’s recent disaster has brought shysters out of the woodwork. Less than 24 hours after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck a few miles off the coast of Tokyo, calls for Americans to donate money have already begun.

    This coming from the home of Sony, Mitsubishi, and countless other fortune 500 companies. A country where the unemployment rate is half of what it is here in the states. A country who, among others, has criticized the US for getting involved in other nations politics. At the first sign of trouble they come crying back.

    As our fine team of investigative journalists reported earlier here on Christwire, the earthquake and ensuing tsunami was nothing more than well deserved retribution for the past sins of the Asian culture against Jesus and America alike. God himself overseen this revenge. Should we now send them money, in essence rewarding them for their past sins?

    The answer is a resounding no.

    Japan’s continual onslaught of preaching Satan’s word to our children through Pokemon and Hello Kitty merchandise can not be forgotten. The hate they bred by being allied with Hitler can not be forgiven. Lessons must be learned. They must be left to take their punishment without help from good Christian nations. It is the only way they will see the light.

    In any case, humanitarian efforts will no doubt begin soon. Mostly led by Christians. This is what happens when atheists and heretics get in over their heads. They turn to us for help. And we give it, only for them to blaspheme us at every turn. This time, I say we back off. Let them deal with their own problems. We have a Kenyan president we need to kick out of office, Sarah Palin to elect, and the terrorists to conquer.

    We have enough on our plate than to have to worry about a bunch of American-hating Asians who built their houses a little to close to a rising sea.

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