• A Cat for Claire: A Pure Pet Earth Documentary

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    – Invasive and Exotic Species of North America –

    Any species, including its seeds, eggs, spores, or other biological material capable of propagating that species, that is not native to that ecosystem; and whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health.

    American purity stands in peril.  The flora and fauna of our nation rot under the suffocating cloak of selfish greed and scientific ignorance.  People litter their yards with seeds from the Orient, unaware that the simple grasses they grow can one day cause such catastrophic change, that their local ecosystems are ravaged from an alien invader.

    When thinking of invasive aliens, most people will think of a sulking Mexican in a corner, eyes bloodshot red and dirtied hands tense and poised, as if the creature could quickly grab a knife in but a adrenaline fueled heartbeat.  But be warned, dear readers.  There are worse aliens than Mexicans and rest assured they lurk in the shadows, secretly stalking you each and every day.

    Ask any conservationist:  America is under attack.  In California, the newt faces near extinction, being classified as a near extinction species.  Invasive predators, so small and simple, but so powerful in destruction threaten the fragile California foothills.  The mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) and red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) have brought the newt population to near extinction levels, a catastrophic event that unravels the 6,000 years of point-forward evolution God brought these magnificent creatures through on our precious, yet fragile, Earth.

    Life is precious and interconnected.  Every balanced system must be left to natural order, lest we destroy things in ways we do not imagine.  Along California’s coast, fires repeatedly rage and cause destruction, because people are building mansions in the foothills and throwing of chaparral cycling.  The result:  a hell’s fury upon our Earth.

    We must realize that introducing foreign toxins to a land of purity is no good.  This is an example we should see both culturally and socioeconomically, let alone within the pristine shores of unadulterated nature.  But alas, we do.  We violate natural order and we allow the must dangerous, destructive and deadly alien invader reproduce without restraint upon our Earth.  Their numbers will outnumber us and before long, humans will be little more than the California newt, crawling in diseased, scratching fury due to a vermin we could have long had under control.

    To humanity, and to natural order of nature, the most dangerous invasive alien species walks on all fours and already has humans bending to its will.

    This deadly creature has been called many things in humanity’s long history, but today, we know it simply as The Cat.

    The Deadly Cat

    Felis catus, the common house cat, threatens your way of life.  When thinking of dangerous cats, most minds will go to the feral jungles of Africa, where wild native whoop and holler and then tremble in fear as the roar of a mighty lion approaches near.  Like any cat, the big cats of the primate countries have a bloodlust for humans.  Those who own a housecat, beware, for a cat is an instinctive predator and if it were large enough, a ‘domesticated’ cat would hunt you down.

    Even lacking the size of its African, Asian, South American or any other 3rd world jungle land counterparts, the American housecat is dangerous because of population growth.  With an insatiable appetite for reproduction, cats have a sexual prowess that is no different than a homosexuals:  endless, and never satisfied.  The issue is that humans feed and help cure cats of inherent illness, then let them loose and the first things these unnaturally healthy cats do is mate and create more vermin offspring.

    As cats continue to dwell with humans, this cycle will continue and their population will sharply increase.  The somatic systems of a cat and human will specialize over time, meaning that eventually cats will produce virii and bacteria that can negatively affect a human’s health, even to the point of death.  Imagine an airborne AIDS styled pathogen, but with the added tenacity of another virus spread by vermin, the deadly and feared hantavirus.

    Suffocating its victims under the strangling gurgles of respiratory failure, the hantavirus is deadly and spread by a vermin that reproduces with the same fury as cats and also lives in the American home, oft times undetected.  The day cats develop a similar virus and spread it to humans, it will be too late.  Their numbers are nearly out of control, meaning that when such a development occurs international catastrophe will take place.  Humanity will die slow, painful deaths and cats, immune, will continue to thrive and eat of our carcasses and surviving young.

    Help Control the Pet Population

    If you love life, you will help control the pet population.  You must have your pet spayed or neutered.  Bob Barker, a great man and television household name, reminded us of this wisdom each and every day.  He reminded us because like many others, he understand the most dangerous threat to humanity is overpopulation of animals that we let nearest to us.

    Cats must be controlled.  There are so many in the wild now, however, it is not economically viable or possible to spay and neuter them all.  We must put a direct and immediate end to this threat and there is one best way to do it.  Turn over all cats to your local animal shelter, but first make sure they are a ‘euthanasia friendly’ facility.

    Any stray cat should be put down.  It is not bringing joy to a family, could be filled with a litter of new vermin terrors and a contributing  future harbringer of doom to population dynamics for not only humans, but every other native species to your locale. 

    We must take personal responsibility to protect our Earth.  I shared an article, “How to Pack A Cat” to teach people how to safely strap a cat down until you can take it to an animal shelter.  Cats are rabid and each bite and scratch it gives you can afflict your skin with a horrible rash, or worse, a bite that can inoculate deadly bacteria in deep muscle tissues, crippling you with death or paralysis for life if untreated.

    A Cat for Claire

    We must unite to save America from pet overpopulation.  Bob Barker’s ancient calls to quell cat numbers are no longer good enough.  We need direct action and need it now.

    When I went out jogging today with several nurses, after a long shift, I came across a stray cat.  It was hiding in some brush and I grabbed it.  One of the nurses thought this female cat, perhaps a bit beyond being a kitten, was very cute and thought we should take it home. I had already planned on it.

    Instead of taking it home to fatten up with milk and tuna, then set it free after a good night’s rest, I thought instead that this cat would be the second poster child.  The cat from “How To Pack a Cat” has its days numbered and this evening, inspired by a darling young woman named Claire’s endless liberal agenda to hurt people with words and supporting pet overpopulation, I knew a documentary must be done.  We must document how cats are overpopulation this country, how the vermin will destroy us and finally, how we can save humanity from a cat pawed destruction.

    The Egyptians were once great people, but then they took on cats as pets.  Great deadly illness still haunt their tombs to this day and it is because they became a pure cat society.  We must not have that in America.

    This is A Cat For Claire Campaign, a documentary of capturing the pests of America and shipping them to their right place. America, we must stand against overpopulation of cats. There is nothing wrong with carefully packaging these beasts and shipping them off to animal control or your local animal shelter. With this cat, I gave her a good bath and even fed her a good meal of chicken chunks I was using to make chicken salad. I took care of this cat and today, boxed her up in an old computer box. This is a Cat For Claire, a step in the right direction for America. In seven days, this cat will be removed from the population and the countless litters of vermin that would have escaped from her whorish bosom, to only torture our society with more meowing, begging fur masses that bring disease, disruption to native populatino dynamics and worse of hell, Satanic pox curses to our people.

    If we cannot do what’s necessary with cats, how can we ever rid this country of a problem so simple like illegal Mexicans and Cubans?  How can we win a war or terror, when we let terror stamp its feet and claw the moral fabric of our society?

    Cats are horrible creatures if left to the wild, a ball of mass whose only purpose is to exploit, reproduce and consume.  We must pick this weed from our society, before we fall.  It is a battle of psychology, a battle of will.  Until we have the gumption to do what’s necessary to cats, we will continue to show eternal weakness against things like giving money to lazy minorities, allowing illegals to destroy our nation by their foreign third-world habits and natures, and worst of all, not have the backbone to stand up to attempts of assimiliation by Chinese aggressors.  Let us stand against the cat today, America.

    A Cat for Claire.  It is a movement and we will continue to nicely trap these animals and gently turn them over to humane animal shelters, where they will be put down if they do not find a spay/neuter friendly owner in proper time.  The click is ticking.  It is time to save America.

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