• Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Feminism, Costume Set for Failure

    March 21, 2011 4:49 am 2 comments

    After being under wraps by DC Comics for more than a decade, the new Wonder Woman television show is being debuted.  From the costume alone and the lead’s suspiciously strong face muscles, it seems this show will be another lesbian romp fest akin to Xena warrior princess of Chyna of WWF lore.

    The worst thing about all of this is Wonder Woman represents a feminist agenda.  Feminism is directly correlated with the obesity of children in America and the rapid degredation of morals in US society.  English scholar and world renown chef Rose Prince has it right when she states, “Yes, it’s feminism we have to thank for the spread of fast-food chains and an epidemic of childhood obesity.

    In addition to childhood obesity, the rise of feminism has also directly correlated to the rise of childhood bullying and divorce rate.  The question remaining is, why would a company like DC support and push for a character that is clearly doing these things to society?

    Looking deeper into the subject, we find that DC Comics has a homosexual agenda.  The powers that be who control DC Comics are geek gays, a dangerous breed who blend the intelligence of computer savvy animators with the raw sassiness and crack addictions of a homosexual.  When you allow these people to own a company, you start to see the following caught-red-handed agenda points:

    - Homogay Agenda Uses Comic Movies To Encourage Homosexual Activities
    - Marvel Promotes Gay Agenda With New Wolverine Toy
    - More Proof Marvel and DC Comics Promote Homogay Agenda
    - Gays Create ABC Comics
    - God Punishes and Suspends Gay “Scans Daily” Comic Book Community (we prayed for God to do this.)
    - Wonder Woman Animated DVD (promotes feminism)
    - Comic Book Underwear Agenda Exposed on Facebook

    These exposes represent only a drop of sand on a beach of grainy lies and gay innuendo that creep into every crevice of your life if you’re exposed to DC Comics.

    This wonder woman television show will be paltry by its very nature.  The actress also has the classic Tori Spelling broadchin, reminding the seasoned viewer of actresses who are horrible and only land roles because they have their father’s last name.  This will be a mix of forced feminism, enticement through lesbian rope tie ups and then headlined by a impossibly large chin that couldn’t act its way out of a Planter’s Peanut head commercial.

    Let’s hope the pilot to this show crashes and burns.  There is no need for more feminism on the airwaves and if we do have hero movies, it should be something fresh and exciting and definitely not tied into lesbianism.

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