• Amazing – Why Can Japan Fix a RAVAGED BIWAY In 4 Days, When My City Can’t Fix a Pothole in 1 Year

    March 17, 2011 8:32 pm Comments Off
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    Say what you will about the Japanese, but they are some of the most industrious people on Earth. With the efficiency and tenacity of a pack of adrenaline huffing ants, the Japanese can build faster than anyone else. It is truly amazing and it is making me think lower of the country in which I live.

    My city is filled with potholes all over the street. It is smack in the center of America and you would think that with a proper economy and engineers, it would not be something so hard to fix. But alas, it is not.

    When going to a rally just yesterday, I nearly lost a tire by hitting one at 40 miles per hour. It was not fun and it’s tempting to say that along with gays, city council too will be roasting on the spitfires of Hell because they cannot maintain a proper road for the people.

    Look at this:

    Japan Has Rebuilding Under Way

    The greedy Pharisees in America would still be griping about raising enough tax money and then buying the crappiest, yet most expensive, material to build the project and then hiring a pack of grangy Mexicans to pour everything incorrectly and to just have it all come apart a year later.  Look at that fine work:  4 days.

    Too bad Japan is easily swayed to do things like work with the Nazis and stand against oil production.   Too bad they are atheists.  They could be a great country and homosexuality is rampant, along with other forms of hell scented perversion in their saki prostitution kingdom.  If I were the master of the universe, I would have reached down years ago with a great eraser and just ended the mistake, but in a way, you can see why they are still here.  Just like the ant, they make a great model to follow.  You knock over an ant’s mound, what do they do?  They rebuild instantly.  They do not stop to complain, whine or try to profit of it America sodom nation.

    The Japanese dig their heels down and do the best they can.  Flood an ant colony.  You will see them sacrifice and do everything they can to rebuild, for their sake and for the sake of future generation.  It is second nature to them.  America, you’ve become fat and sloppy.  You wallow in the filth of the Seven Deadly Sins and Satan is growing cold in hell, so he can’t wait to use every fat bellied sinner for kindling and as your fat sins sizzle in hell’s grills, everyone in heaven will look down and wonder where it all went wrong.  When did America become a country of pork bellied sodomites who can’t even repair a simple hole in the road, when the Japanese can be hit by a mighty 8.9 earthquake and rebuild their most devastated roads in 4 days?

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