• Atheists, When You Croak Where Will You Go? – Wonderlific Sample Test to Determine Spiritual Fate

    March 1, 2011 6:45 am 32 comments
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    When you croak, where will you go?

    This is an important, memorable question that can be asked to many people. Within our lives, there are choices we make that can lead to life or death.

    If one of your friends develop a drug addiction, you would tell them that if they do not stop smoking their crack rock or marijuana, it will collude to lead them to a point of addictive death. Every drug gateways to a harder drug and more destructive lifestyle.

    Some of you may be dealing with other issues, such as high blood pressure from eating too many salty, greasy cultural foods to being careless risk takers. It is known that life is precious and the most silly act of carelessness can take it all away.

    More careless than anything is ignoring the needs of your deeper self. Within every person on Earth, we are made by divine design. You are here and reading this right now due to divine design.

    An atheist right now may get angry and balk. They will say there is no such thing as God or Heaven. Wonder if they are right? When you die, you just go and decompost in the dirt. Fine.

    But wonder if they are wrong. Your eternal fate will be your teeth gnashing again and again and then being stoked over the slow-roasting firepits of hell.

    This is a terrible fate. To test your aptitude and if you will gain enough altitude to float in heaven after death, please take the following quiz and report your code so a trend can be noticed.

    [QUIZZIN 2]

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