• Charlie Sheen Drinks Tiger’s Blood Cocktail, Waves a Machete and then Quotes Martin Luther King From a Rooftop

    March 8, 2011 9:39 pm 1 comment

    Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood

    Tiger Blood must be the new cocaine meets Kool-Aid cocktail, because Charlie Sheen is busting through the walls of insanity with a hearty “Oh yeah!”

    Even in Hollywood, one cannot swish through the tepidly ripe fields drunken STD orgies and drug fueled antics for too long, as evidenced by CBS’s recent announcement that Charlie Sheen is immediately fired from Two and a Half Men.

    Like a true Columbian crack-sniffing champ, Sheen is waving a machete over head and confusing everyone with the words adorning his sighs of relief.  As  FOX News reports:

    Charlie Sheen climbed to the top of a building in Beverly Hills on Monday, pulled out a huge machete, and paraphrased Martin Luther King, Jr. Waving the machete and drinking a bottle of what he said was tiger blood, Sheen yelled “Free at last … free at last.”

    The late Rick James said, “Cocaine is one hell of a drug”. You would think this could be another celebrity testament to drug use, but you would find your thoughts to be wrong. Sheen has been purportedly tested for drugs, three times. He is clean.

    Aside from a calculated effort to get as much attention as possible before retiring, it would not be unwise to think perhaps sheen does have underlying psychoses coming to fruition. In the midst of the media storm surrounding Sheen’s downfall, it would be good to remember that we may be seeing a man who is not mentally healthy, his medical charts playing out in the images and videos of media for a team of armchair doctors each and every day.

    Not saying it’s not entertaining, but despite his fame he is still a person with needs and from the looks of it, Charlie Sheen, aka Carlos, is in need of some true help. Here’s to actually hoping the best for Sheen and that he’s not on a very dark road to bringing himself to an early death.

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