• Charlie Sheen is the Malibu Messiah

    March 9, 2011 1:40 am Comments Off
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  • The Malibu Messiah, as Charlie Sheen is now calling himself, is now declaring a holy war upon CBS.

    Seemingly unphased by the spectacle he’s putting on for the public, Sheen expressed outrage and disgust with CBS executives on his last Sheen’s Corner” web broadcast.

    Oh, Sheen already has an audience of 57,000. Expect that number to shoot up exponentially as Sheen dives further into the crazy and people hear about Sheen’s corner on tomorrow’s national news broadcasts.

    According to Sheen, Chuck Lorre is a “silly clown” and a hiding “worm” who dares not stand against him. Will Sheen lead a new rag-tag army against his CBS superiors?

    If you are to believe the actor, he has a “Seinfeld clause” in his contract, which some are taking to mean he has powerful Jewish lawyers, or maybe even Cochran calibre courtiers, who will finagle a fittnig contract to fit Charlie’s ungloved fighting hands.

    And to those who are saying “Jackie Chiles” who, that is all fine and well. Sheen is allegedly preparing something ‘the world will never forget’, so keep tuned to the headlines tomorrow. It will be a crazy ride.

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