• Chinese Reveal Asian Sun, Evil Plan Moves Forward

    March 5, 2011 8:24 pm 19 comments
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    A few weeks ago chrisTwire sources were the first to reveal Asia’s plot to destroy our Caucasian Sun.

    Yesterday Chinese TV revealed the Asian sun to the masses for the first time

    Yes it is real Claire!

    According to Jim Kaler, the University of Illinois astronomer:

    “The case of a second sun 3 degrees and 25 arc-seconds to the left of the nearly set sun sounds incredible but has been recorded photographically.”

    chrisTwire Asian correspondents smuggled out the following video at great risk to their personal safety.

    This revelation follows recent attempts by Asians to blow up our cars with Japanese spiders.

    Reports indicate this second sun is not compatible with North American solar panels and will cause the price of oil to continue to rise higher. Obama this week indicated military options “are on the table” in Libya to steal their oil. This is a last ditch attempt to get his approval rating into double digits for the first times since he was class president of his Indonesian 3rd grade Muslim school.


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