• Chris Brown Reveals Black Anger on Good Morning America

    March 22, 2011 1:09 pm 3 comments
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    Chris Brown is a gang rapper who blacks have entirely forgiven after he beat the beautiful singer Rihanna. Why this boy is still allowed to do his raps is beyond me, but they put him back on the pedestal and said he is a new man. The new Chris Brown does not have anger issues.

    Well, guess what? Wrong, wrong!

    Chris Brown still hulks black with great anger. On the great show good morning America, the host Robin asked him why he beat Rihanna. Chris Brown didn’t like that question and since he knew we’d fry him alive if he dared put a mangy paw upon Robin, he unleashed his pint up anger as soon as the camera was off.

    As soon as the Good Morning America cameras were off, Chris Brown broke a studio window, ripped off his shirt and yelled in great anger.

    • The window:


    • Pissed off and shirtless:


    • The tweet, which he has since deleted:

    Now, why is Chris Brown being forgiven again.  Why does this boy get a second chance?


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