• Christopher Hitchens Still Narcissistic, Needs Prayers

    March 5, 2011 6:26 pm 10 comments
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    Christopher Hitchens, noted Atheist, was diagnosed with cancer in June of last year. He is slated for a CBS’ “60 Minutes” profile on Sunday in the US. On the CBS clip for the show Hitchens refers to the esophageal cancer as ordaining him a member of the “cancer elite,” and says, “I rather look down on people with lesser cancers.”

    He also makes a statement about what he thought about the cancer that reveals a man with a great deal of I, Me and My narcissistic characteristics in his thinking.

    I was very afraid it would stop me writing and I was really petrified with fear about that because I thought that would, among all things, diminish my will to live, because being a writer’s what I am rather than what I do.”

    It isn’t with hate that I view this man; its pity. To endure a horrific disease without the comfort of knowing all is forgiven and that death of the body is not the end is gruesome. While much has been said, sometimes as disdain or mockery, of the people that pray daily for this man – If in some small moment he derives some modicum of comfort that complete strangers have the compassion to wish his inevitable end to be one of peace, not regret of things not done, perhaps this man will be able to rest.


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