• Colonel Gaddafi Quakes in His Boots, President Obama Unleashes Mighty US NAVY

    March 19, 2011 4:08 am 3 comments
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  • President Barack Obama has unleashed the American navy upon Colonel Gadaffi, the cowardly dictator who has been hunting down the beautiful people of Libya.

    Now, there will be liberation in Libya and America is at the helm.

    Our lap dog allies, the British and French, will be using their planes to spice the Libyan skies with the power of Western technology, the fury of their bombs and bullets ripping through any Gaddafi crop plane that dares try to take flight.

    Then, from sea, America stands by, ready to reign bombs upon any pitched tent of Gadaffi. American marines stand by, ready to lead a fearless assault against a ragtag army of mercenaries who are without spine or backbone. They dared attack civilians; now we will see what this lowlifes think about the power of Western unity coming down on their terror lands.

    Bless our president and our military, as we beat back Gadaffi and put a real leader in charge of Libya. Your day of liberation is nigh, Libya.

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