• Disney Hides The Gay Agenda in Minnie Mouse’s Dress, Mickey Salivates

    March 16, 2011 3:36 am 26 comments

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    Anger cannot describe my emotions right now.  For too long we’ve caught Disney in the business of selling raunchy agendas as children programs.  In the movie the little Mermaid, the underwater palace looked like a phallic torpedo and there was witchcraft dazzling on top of it.  To make matters worse, in the Aladdin terror movie, a tiger jimmyed the princess girl behind curtains and kids were hearing a true video of an Indian geisha giving a tiger the business.

    If that’s not all bad enough, we know Walt Disney was a racist and supported the Nazi.  He stood against America and somehow his magical kingdom is still allowed to corrupt once sweet girls like Miley Cyrus and Mickey Mouse club Britnay Spears, and we see the spitting whorefire demons they turned out to be with their sizzling thighs jutting from their too shirt skirts.

    Many parents refuse to accept that Disney has questionable morals, because they want to have a vacation at Disney Land and Disney World.  Liberals will yelp and jump up and down, saying Disney does not need to be super-regulated by the FCC and a Christian overview commitee because they have shown clear inability to govern themselves.  They allow gays to have pride marches and they continue to support gay marriage and gay child abduction adoption and you parents must realize that the gays are using Disney as part of their sick agenda to take over Aermica.

    Just look at this phallic propaganda they have placed in a new Mickey Mouse Cartoon.  You would think all is just innocent fun games in Disney, but when you look closer with an inspector’s eye you see what they are truly stuffing down your child’s eye in their ‘cartoons’.

    What do you see here to the right. A mouse’s twaddle danger! It is hidden in Minnie Mouse’s dress and you can see that subconsciously, they want your son Little Johnny to think ‘mmm a twiddle, let me have a lollipop’s licking delight!’ and see how many licks it takes to get to the hell nugget center.

    It is all sick and I am angry about this. Look at how subtle they try to be and I would like to see the stats, because I bet a good 4 -5% of all children who saw this filth now dine at the kiddie table of blue oyster marinades and bathe in tepid same same pools of lava excrement fecal ducky bathtimes.

    Oh, feel free to let your children continue to watch this nasty filth. It will be just like Burt and Ernie. You will find your kids leaving Sesame Street for Opiate Street, lined with bent over exposures and sweaty stocking stuffing in exchange for the crack and marijuana fumes all gays race themselves on to prostitute and continue their bizaree lifestyles. It all ends in disease and death, so if you hate little Johnny feel free to go right ahead and decide his future to end up cold in the morgue by 35 from gay bowel disease. A little intestinal mouse ferret propaganda will be to blame along with your sick demented parenting skills.

    This is not a cartoon. It is a lure to bait children into homosexuality where the final resting place is an eternity of being cleansed with fire hot hell lava!

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