• Do Not Let Merry Gays Marry in Maryland, Keep it Pure

    March 15, 2011 9:40 pm 18 comments
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    The gays have long been a terrible scent in the nose of God. The only way he can Febreze their foul fecal wafts from his nose is by spraying them with eternal hellfire. The scent of suffering gay make Satan yip with pleasure and is a victory for morality in America, so every one wins.

    Did you know that for every one gay, four children will get dallied? This number means that every gay marriage couple in Maryland would be twice the threat. Let alone that gay marriages do not help America. For everyone on gay marriage couple, there are two more adults who will never have proper children. Is that the type of numbers that will allow America to keep a big enough population to fight off the Chinese?

    My gentle friends, please do all you can to join us in Maryland. We must ban gays from marrying for the sake of our children and our country. If you do not like people dead due to sick gay diseases, then you will support our red cape crusade. Let us be heroes for this nation and stand up to the gay menace.


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