• Eric Cantor Cries Over Giving Japan Money for Tsunami Disaster Relief

    March 14, 2011 10:22 pm 12 comments

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    Dean Miller


    In a time when we can spend billions bombing third world nations into oblivion and arming our ‘defenseless’ allies with state of the art nuclear weapons and bombers, Eric Cantor is trying to defend cutting back money to Japan.

    Cantor, just in case you are reading you greedy son of a puckerslutt leg gapper, listen.  You have to be a cold, heartless man to actually try to suddenly say America needs to cut back spending, citing that we’ll just be borrowing money from Japan to feed it right back to them.  Stop trying to play smart because if you had any idea of why our economy was in shambles, we would immediately call our troops out of the Middle East, stop stockpiling certain nations with weapons and tap our rich citizens to pay out all the money they owe our government and society.

    But that’s just too much to ask, isn’t it.  It’s easier to say let’s be hardasses this time, let’s not help Japan.  Nevermind our economies are tied together and that their estimated $180 billion in rebuilding alone is going to be felt here.  Are you an idiot?  Do you not understand our economies, let alone our lives, are tied together?

    We may be miles apart, but the Japanese are people.  They are just like us.  They deserve all the help we can give them, based on the simple fact they are human beings.  You must be a nationalistic, smug dolt who does not deserve to hold office if you can dare say our nation, which wastes so much, cannot fully help Japan right now. 

    “All of us need to be tempered by the fact that we’ve got to stop spending money we don’t have,” Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) told reporters at his weekly press briefing. “Essentially, what you are saying is to go borrow money from the Japanese so we can spend it there to help the Japanese.”

    Cantor has proposed cutting a staggering $121 million, nearly 10% of our budget to help with disasters that is plaguing Japan today.  As we watch Japanese literally wash away in turbulent ocean waves and the nation is reporting over 10,00o dead, thousands missing and a nuclear reactor meltdown with radiation imminent, Cantor and other House GOP members are trying to push through a bill that will immediately cut all of our foreign aide.

    Even more outlandish, the same bill would reduce funding for the National Weather Service by $126 million, crippling tsunami watching centers worldwide as reported by National Weather Service President Dan Sobien.

    Like it our not, we have a responsibility in this world.  It is very easy.  Help others.  It is a simple rule.  If we can bomb a country to hell, what is so bad about spending money to help save people who are suffering and clinging to life.  What is so bad about spending millions if not billions to relieve Japan?

    We definitely have borrowed money and use those very dollars to boy weapons that destroy nations and allow our handpicked dictators come to power.  We have squandered resources and taxpayer dollars on luxury items and pet gifts.  Now, it is time to use our powerful economy to do something useful and look who is crying.

    Say what you will about Obama, but the president has vowed to fight off the GOP proposed cuts and continue to do the right thing:  give humanitarian relief to Japan.  We may face an economic crisis, but we can fix that.  It’s called stop spending money on war and start taxing those who are wealthy, including large businesses.  It is called don’t repeat the mistake of past presidents, who liked to have wars while cutting taxes.

    Cantor, you are an idiot and let us pray your constituents vote you out of office with a flood of support for whoever wants to replace your delusional, small mind and greedy policy.  You do not stand for America or humanity if you could honestly propose cutting relief for Japan right now.  You are inhumane if you really think you can justify saying these people need no help.  Cantor, leave your glass bubble and behold some things:

    Japan Earthquake 2011 

    This is Japan’s coastline, after the earthquake and tsunami.  It has been moved 8 feet from its prior position.  The earthquake was so powerful, it knocked Earth 4 feet of its normal axis and moved an entire country 8 feet.  This is clearly not grounds for a nation to get as much relief as possible, especially not from the world’s largest economy and leading technological power.

    Bird's eye view: A photograph of the devastation in Sendai taken from a U.S. military helicopter

    The city of Sendai, submerged by water.  They still do not yet how many are missing, but in total Japan estimates the number missing from various cities will be in the tens of thousands.

    Screening: A mother tries to talk to her daughter who had been isolated for signs of radiation after evacuating from the vicinity of Fukushima's nuclear plants

    People in Japan may be suffering from radiation poisoning.  Here, a medically isolated daughter gets a last view of her mother as the daughter may be contaminated by nuclear radiation from the nuclear meltdown in progress at Fukushima.  100s of people in Japan are currently radioactive, unable to interact with society and that number may sharply increase.  Any change Japan will need help?

    Waiting for rescue: Isolated survivors sit around a fire and await help in a makeshift camp near Ishinomaki, northern Japan

    Do not forget, many parts of Japan are submerged in cold weather right now.  Many people who have survived do not have access to heat and may freeze to death.  These people are fortunate and in a makeshit campsite, where minimal supplies used for warming have been given out.  Japan will need plenty more and medicine, food, fresh water and makeshift living arrangements will still have to be implemented after the ongoing crises are maintained.


    Here is footage from Sendai Airport. Notice the cars rushing by as the water closes in on the trapped people.


    We’ve all seen the footage and worse. There is a simple point in this, actually, two. Men like Cantor do not belong in government. The GOP he envisions, a greedy, distorted kaleidoscope of errant policy and crack-pot dreams is not a true view of reality.

    The reality here is Japan needs our help. If anyone dares says otherwise, tell them to jump in the ocean and keep swimming until they get tired. Then, they can drown. Because clearly, any person who finds themselves chinup in a fearful grip of ocean water does not need help. We all know anyone in that situation needs help, especially when they also have a nuclear reactor that can blow up at any second and a surrounding of death and destruction all around.

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