• Feminists Team Up With Japanese To Play God, Destroy Testicles

    March 26, 2011 7:22 am 15 comments

    Don't let his home be destroyed by homogays

    Most of the news coming out of Japan these days is bad, however some of it is just downright evil.

    Liberal atheist scientists in the country, working alongside feminist groups, have recently discovered a way to grow sperm in a laboratory. By crushing part of the testicles of the male. No doubt the ‘growing sperm’ part was just a happy side effect to the real feminist agenda of taking our balls and smashing them happily.

    The reason Japanese scientists were used is because, being small of stature and meek of personality, larger feminists can manipulate them more easily. They can be pushed around and roughed up if need be. While the tests claim to be using mice, it is no doubt that a human sacrifice was needed as well. Woe be to the tiny Asian man who drew the ire of his lesbian overseers that day.

    That dirty traitor Sarah Palin has recently taken up with the feminists. Lucky for all of us, we have a strong man like Donald Trump to step in where only men should tread and save the GOP, and men everywhere, from the lesbian testicle crushing agenda. A stop must be put to this Asian-Feminazi axis of evil. It will only be a matter of time before they run out of adult males to use and you have to explain to little Johnny that the fat biker woman at the door is here to crush any hopes he may have had of a white picket fence and 2.5 kids.

    The obvious question here is why are the Japanese doing this? Did they not learn their lesson when God smote them by shaking the earth and saturating it with water? Or maybe that is another reason why they were chosen. Evil breeds where chaos reigns. Knowing the Japanese, those who were not strong enough to bail water were most likely scheduled to be sent to pasture. The lesbians came in and offered to purchase their souls for a few more months of life.

    The most pressing matter is, like the radiation, how long before this sort of blasphemy reaches stateside? No doubt Kenyan President Barack Obama, backed by a bulldogging Hillary Clinton, already has some sort of secret legislation written into his ‘health care plan’ forcing every American male to give one ball to a homogay couple. Impeachment may have turned from a question of national security into an urgent struggle to keep our manhood.

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