• Gay Agenda Reveals World Penis Map, By Country

    March 19, 2011 11:32 pm 12 comments

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    Gays are a sick species of mouth breathers who enjoy nothing more than sucking in the concocotions of coital carnality!

    For every one gay, four children are dallied and it doesn’t matter if it’s a little Johnny or Sally! As long as it has a back side it is all the same to the salivating gay male. The gay appetite for perversion is never satiated, the gay male’s phallic belly grumbles with a mighty roar, hoping to make his prey bend over in fear so that his monster tattle can feast upon the shaking rumps of victimized innocents.

    Oh friends, the gay agenda is present in our society like never before. Around every corner, a gay lurks. They have taken over our television and now have the nerve to sashay all around, wearing pride badges and daring to demand rights to marry and abduct children. They call us bigots when we tell them gays CANNOT be parents, there will never be GAY ABDUCTION on our watch where two daddy’s think they can raise a child. It will not happen and you are in that same number, slapper Degeneres lesbians!

    What has angered me most about the gays today is that they have released a new Encyclopedia Book and are trying to make all schools required to carry it in their libraries. In this book, they have put sick things and the worse of all is the GAY PENIS MAP OF THE WORLD.

    Gay scientists have somehow performed complex statistical analysis and released a map of what countries, per capita, have the largest size twiddle rompus’. They are planning to spread their agenda to these countries so they can play horsie ride after corrupting all the men there and they love nothing better than the filling of reverse constipation up their release hole! They are sick people and look at this filth.

    World Penis Size Map

    They include a key to the map.


    Gays live to act all indignant and defiant, hissing in anger when they are reminded they shall burn in hell then they turn around and add things like this to their track record.  Gays are scarily crafty but in hell, all crafts are wood to the fire and they are just going to be even better kindle for their lord Satan.

    When will you stop trying to sneak into normal culture gays!  What next, the lesbian tongue size chart diagram by nation!   The sewer hole pi diamter cheat sheet charts!  You are now dabbling in science and that is not a thing for gays to do.  Be gone, homosexuality, and stop trying to worm into the foundations of America and the rest of the world.

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