• George Takei Continues To Mock God with Gay Choices, Twitter

    March 17, 2011 8:19 pm 25 comments

    Mr. Zulu, also known as Mr. George Takei, is a homosexual!  It is very disturbing to know that in addition to introducing blended minorities on screen, Star Trek was also shipping the GAY AGENDA straight into our home every week.  No wonder Captain Kirk always had so much frustrated anger in his nuanced voice and Star Wars will always be greater than the space intestinal ranger Enterprise.

    We all know that gay Japanese men must be one of the worst drivers on Earth.  First, you have a Japanese man.  If you spend a weekend in Sea-Tac or San Franciso, you are lucky to get out with less than one treadmark on your back.  Then you add in ‘sucky sucky five dorrah’ Takei and you’re lucky if you don’t get drugged and end up with a tread mark on your Fruit of the Looms!

    It is a secret agenda of the worst degree and you are being exposed, Takei.  Or should I say “The Gay!”  It rhymes!

    George Takei Is Sinning Tomorrow

    Just look at what he Twittered.  Look it!  “Tomorrow I am going to violate Leviticus by wearing a cotton, polyester blend.”  This is all speak of what he’s going to do with his gay friends tomorrow.  It may just seem like Three’s Company calibre homosexuality, where a frilly man wears dainty sky colored clothes so he can get away with renting a Florida condo with Suzanne Sommers and the less attractive one, but in reality it is a new gay sex act!

    Underneath, notice Takei let his gay followers know it was #cherrypickingsins and it is a Gay Corn Dog club located right in the heart of San Franciso.  It is a secret one that was founded by Takei and his little wormhole twiddle rompus pounding friends!  They love to enter each other’s hyperspace and engage a homosexual drive that they think is all musty fun and games, but will one day get them a impulse light speed trip straight to the deepest bowls of Hell!

    Before fully exposing Takei for his homogay agenda, let us also remember the words of Leviticus.  Takei is openly jumping around and dancing all over the word of holiness in his lined cottons and polyester blends and it angers God so much, he brow furrows and wrath brews hot!

    Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.

    Leviticus 18:21 -22 And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through [the fire] to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I [am] the LORD. Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination.

    When first choosing to investigate Takei, I heard a voice come from my television. It was a familiar strong, buzzy baritone timbre and it tickled my back the wrong way. It reminded me of watching old original Star Trek episodes with my father and him telling me that something just is not right about that Zulu boy. He would says, “Abe, there is something not right about that Zulu boy. He is something more than just a color minority, he ain’t right and you be careful with men who look at you like he is sparkle eyeing that captain. That may be a G – A – Y.” I did not understand his wisdom until I heard this commercial:


    Takei says, “Woah! Oh my!” when he sees a beach man flex his sinfully tight abdominals on a camera display. What’s even more confusing is that Takei does not have a normal local color Japan accent, you can hear in the enunciation and peculiar embrasure that leaders to what’s known as a Gay Accent.

    Like a peacock bending over in $5 hooker fashion, sprawling its rainbow of feathers for all horny onlookers to see, Takei is splashing his voice with the nastiest colored inflections of homosexuality. He is letting gays know he likes to play “batter’s up” on the ball field and he is spreading their agenda by advertising a ‘multiple color rainbow’ television. It is too much to be a coincidence: George Takei is a G-A-Y. It rhymes!

    This man is trying to hit a homerun for the homosexual movement, by using nostalgia and devoted fans to ship the agenda to society at large. Takei is a clever and cunning man, making his innate prowess and calculating twice as dangerous. He manages to bring a smile to the stiffest of lips and then before you know it, all of society is bent over and taking his stiffest agenda in our collective bent hips.

    For skeptics out there, who will have their love of Star Trek ruined by this fact, you are in denial. You cannot believe that the Enterprise was thrusted at great speeds into wormholes and firing photon torpedos was probably double exciting for Mr. Zulu here. He loved to have a good master tangle with the Klingons and even in the sophistication of Enterprise’s economically impossible sociliast utopia, took time to hop up on hallucinogenic ethyrs and try to stab decent crew members with phallic objects in passionate drunken frenzy. After this ceremony, he would let out a quintessential roaring gay’s laughter, reveling in the thoughts of space escapades and exotic sex with multi pronged male aliens, enough to bring even a look of disgust and pious contempt to Captain Kirk’s face.


    This proof is only the tip of the iceberg, which is probably enough to warrant another “Oh My” from Mr. Takei here. People always wondered what happened to all those red shirted ensigns; do a VH1 where are they now, and you’ll find they actually survived and have fantastic stories to tell them how the one armed Zulu tentacle monster abducted them from set, telling them he’ll stun them repeatedly with his ‘phaser’ if they didn’t go down this once. Ensigns never wanted to resign their contracts and this was a tradition not broken until the coming of the genderly questionable Wesley Crusher, a compensating name for a young man who had a soft chin and even softer fabric sweaters.

    And that’s what this is all about, isn’t it. A gay man’s Tweeting about his soft fabrics and violating Leviticus. Well know this, Mr. Takei. God is not some space ship named Vyger and definitely not Captain Kirk or Spock. He sits in heaven and can throw countless meteorites, enough that even a sinful city like Sodom was left in smoldering ashes! The Borg would be nothing to God; he’d assimilate everyone of them to be a proper American with just a snap of the finger, so imagine how easily he can snap gays into the warming fireplaces of hell where every piece of kindling snaps and pops with flamboyant embers for all eternity.

    Don’t be a tribble for Satan. Every coo and rumbling purr from Takei tickles Satan’s fancy, making the hairs on the base of his back stand on end, giving way for his desires to cuddle a gay pet by his bedside fire. It may sound like a romantic fate, but that it is not. It is an endless black hole of despair and suffering, not the sugar coated fecal sin shoot gays like Takei try to make their lifestyle seem. It is all abomination and anyone who stands against Leviticus, stands against nature.

    Anyone who stands against nature is not natural, and thus, you have George Takei. Unnatural. Tribbling in desires to ferret in sin with Satan. Rumbling, tumbling and oh my, one day, burning in fecal stews with every other gay seasoning God throws into hell’s spicy gumbo for all eternity. Be warned and repent, Space anal ranger. Your days are number and your gay back end will be nigh, Takei. Nigh!

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