• God Booms with Honsu Japan Earthquake Today

    March 9, 2011 1:52 am 5 comments
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  • Honsu, Japan is still shaken up as they were just jolted with a powerful 7.2 magnitude Earthquake. Make no mistake, this was just a little shimmy of God’s mighty wrists and a snap of his finger.

    If he had wanted, he could have caused great meteorites to nuke Japan again and again, ending their tyranny is a fiery fury of cosmic glory. But the wrath of God tarries and he has shown mercy to the kamikaze terrors of the Day of Infamy.

    Whenever the angels in heaven think about what Japan did to us during the 1940s, they cry. God weeps to know that people could use a technology as noble as a plane, a testament to the flying birds of the sky air, to bring such evil.

    Even the reporters in Shanghai cower in yellow stained fear, for they can feel the wrath of God lightly rapping just off their coast. It is only a matter of time before God gets impatient and he stings the Asiatics with the wrath of heated hornet that burns worse than hellfire!

    Be warned, Japan. This is Japan times of suffering. God is upset with you because you try to shove Kyoto down America’s throat. God is upset because you sell us automobiles that are faulty and then try to make up lies and excuses.

    Keep your non braking Toyatos to yourself! Keep your spider filled Mazda M6 luxury cruisers on your own rice lined roads! This is America and we will squish your little saki usgs mobiles and do not forget the might of our arms when angered.

    Japan, be gone. This is a warning.

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